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Nine Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Find recipes and instructions here: Reindeer Noses // English Toffee // Cookie Baking Basket // Hot Toddy Kit // Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookies // Vanilla Sugar Scrub // Fire Starters // Rosemary Salt // Stovetop Potpourri

One of my most frequent holiday content requests is unique gift ideas for neighbors! When it comes to this kind of gift, it’s hard to find something that’s sweet and simple but still feels special and from the heart. Flowers or treats are always a great option (I gave our neighbors these nut clusters a few years ago), but I wanted to round up a few more fun ideas to inspire your gifting this holiday season. Here are my favorite ideas, all easy enough to put together at home:

Nine Unique Gift Ideas for Neighbors

These reindeer noses are a holiday classic and always a win with kids

English toffee just feels like the holidays to me, and this recipe looks especially delicious

Another alternative to baking something yourself: gift someone all the ingredients they need to whip up a batch of cookies on their own, including a pretty mixing bowl and cookie cutters

I would love to receive a hot toddy kit on a chilly night!

These chocolate orange shortbread cookies are beautiful

This vanilla sugar scrub looks like the perfect way to pamper someone, and I bet it would smell amazing

How cute are these fire starters for wood-burning fireplaces? Such a good idea, and so easy!

This rosemary salt is a thoughtful gift for any chef you know

The seasonal ingredients in this stovetop potpourri will make your home oh so cozy

These ideas could also make great gifts for teachers, the mailman, coworkers, the hostess, or even party favors if you’re hosting an event of your own!

What do you usually give your neighbors for the holidays?

PS: We also have some fun recipes ideas on HAF like Holiday Junk Cookies, Healthy Snickers Bars, Festive Biscotti, Homemade Chex Mix, Easy Energy Bites, The Best Holiday Cookies Ever, Glazed Apple Cookies and my mom makes these Chocolate Peanut Butter Nut Clusters for our neighbors every year!