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Easy Energy Bites

When I was a new mom with Charlie and again with Jack, I lived off of these energy bites. Breastfeeding made me ravenous and I swear I would eat 10-12 of these a day which mean’t almost daily batches! I was reminded by Carly just how delicious and easy these are to have on hand (I’ve even tricked my kids into thinking they are cookies!) so I had to make a batch last week. Filled with ingredients you’re sure to have on hand and I have a few tricks for making them protein energy bites or even adding a simple ingredient to help your milk supply! Read on for the basic recipe…

Easy Energy Bites Recipe


Mix all together to completely combine! Roll into 1-2 inch balls (doesn’t have to be perfect) and store in an airtight container. Freeze for 30 minutes before enjoying and then keep refrigerated or store in the freezer (we keep ours in the freezer!). Enjoy as you please!

If I decide to use protein powder or Brewer’s Yeast I will usually do this separately otherwise the bites get too chalky. Brewer’s Yeast is great for milk supply and breastfeeding support – you can read more about that here. This is the one I use! If you feel like your mixture is too dry and it needs more binder with this added ingredient then add a few more tablespoons of peanut butter or one tablespoon of honey and combine.

*I forget where I got this original recipe, it’s a combination of something my mom used to make, nursing bites that my girlfriend made me when I had Charlie and maybe some additions here and there. The best part is you can play around with these! Swap chocolate chips for dried cherries, add cinnamon, use maple syrup instead of honey…so many options!

Try not to eat them all! I have been trying to post new recipes on Mondays so let me know if you’re liking this in the comments!! Don’t forget to tag me on IG with @lizadams and #helloadamsfamily if you make! xoxo