Ask Liz 11 months ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • August 4, 2023

I’ve been struggling lately feeling like I’m not fitting in with new friends, or feeling like an imposter (me, not them)…any advice?

I’ve been there. Making new friends as an adult can feel very vulnerable, especially when friend groups are already assembled and maybe you feel like you’re coming into a new group solo or like you don’t fit in. Here are my thoughts – getting older gives you the ability to be who you are. I think the most important part of this is you being really clear on who you are, what you want and need in a friendship, the type of friend you want to be (or can be). You have the control in the situation, no one has control over you. The truth is we aren’t going to be friends with everyone and that’s okay! I notice that more and more as I get older and my time is limited. But there are people that you come across that you can just tell you’re supposed to be friends with, go after those people. Maybe it’s not an entire group, maybe it is one or two! For me, when I feel like I’m in a rut, I usually back off a bit for my own wellbeing and give it a break. That usually leads me in the right direction.

Any suggestions for cute but inexpensive sunglasses?

OH YES! Some favorites here, here, here, here and here!

What’s your biggest regret in life? (If you have one!)

Not studying abroad in college!

What are your fall blouse picks? Looking for quick jeans + top + flats outfit combos!

I love this for date night, this Western top is fall vibes, I love a statement white blouse like this and this, I just ordered this denim shirt, I love this little knit tank, I just got and love this sweater vest and I have this in my cart.

Can you give us a Botox update? Are you still doing it/liking it?

I am still doing it but stretching the time more! I don’t feel this huge desire to constantly have it, I like to have my muscles reset a bit before getting it done again. I think summer sort of inspires a more natural vibe and I’m embracing that right now!

Do you have any other aesthetic treatments you recommend (i.e., microneedling)?

I have never done any aesthetic treatments outside of facials and botox and laser hair removal! But I do really want to do micro-needling and maybe a laser of some sort? I don’t know! No rush but definitely not opposed to it. A ton of my girlfriends do those types of treatments and their skin looks great!

I inherited a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in gray and white check. I truly love it, think it’s beautiful and timeless, and plan to keep and use it for the rest of my life! But — I also don’t know what it’s my true style. Any suggestions on how to style this in a way that’s modern and playful and not WASPy?

I feel like wearing it with everything makes it not feel waspy. Reaching for it more than you think! Also what about adding a fun scarf to the strap? Something colorful like this or this!

What are your favorite hostess gifts to give and receive? From dinner party gifts to thank-yous for a weekend stay!

I personally love a really beautiful candle or stationary!

What was the best gift you received after giving birth?

Hm, I think you get so many material things before you give birth that the greatest gift I received after were people coming over, taking my baby so I could shower or go get my nails done or go for a walk. Help and support were my greatest gift as a new mom!

What are your favorite family-friendly restaurants in Charleston? We are visiting this weekend!

Leon’s, HomeTeam BBQ, Little Jacks, Rancho Lewis, Edmunds Oast.

Any tips/advice for someone on the fence about having a third kid?

Go for it! I think siblings are the greatest gift to a child/family!

Can you share where your mom goes shopping? I love her style!

She loves Tuckernuck, Monkees, Beau + Ro, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Boden – to name a few!

Your sons are early risers! Any tips for getting them to stay in bed (or at least out of your room) until 6 am?

Once they got old enough to understand time, it helped a lot! They are not allowed to leave their rooms before 6am and now they wake up closer to 6:30/7. We used the Hatch clock that turned green when they were able to leave their rooms before they could tell time and that worked great!

How do you deal with anxiety when your kids get sick (especially while solo parenting)?

My anxiety has gotten so much better with sickness as my kids have gotten older and I’ve had more of them. Especially after Covid! I do my best to help them feel comfortable, be there for them, know that nothing else on my to-do list matters when my kids are under the weather. But my fear of it has subsided because I also know they need to be kids! Solo parenting makes it 100x more exhausting but again, I just have to commit. It’s like a job and I just do my best to get through it and on the other side!

How does it feel to be back in Charleston after your time away?


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