Wellness over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

My Botox Review

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A few weeks ago I got Botox for the first time and have received so many questions since! I honestly didn’t know much about Botox aside from the fact that so many of my friends get it and love it. It wasn’t something I felt like I “needed” but I knew it would perk me up a bit and mama has been feeling weathered lately. I take pretty good care of my skin and I am regimented with my daily skincare routine, but at a certain age, the wrinkles set in and I wanted to do something about it. Also something to note, I am a hypochondriac and it was the sort of thing where the less I knew the better. Does that make sense? It was something I wanted to do for selfish reasons and didn’t want to worry about anything else. So this review is coming from someone who just sort of went for it!

Did you debate getting Botox for a while, or did you just go for it?

I sort of just went for it! After having Covid over Christmas and honestly just feeling exhausted from the past couple years, I wanted to do something that would make me look (and feel!) brighter again. Over the years I have said that I would do it eventually but the choice to actually do it now was sort of impulsive.

This might be a silly question, but did it hurt?

It sort of felt like someone popping a pimple over and over on my face. Not necessarily painful at all but a quick pinch. The needles don’t penetrate too far under the skin, it really is quick and relatively painless.

How frequently will you need to go?

They say 3-4 months? But I think I’ll probably wait until my forehead completely relaxes and I get the heavy expression back to my face and then go again. I don’t know! I want to let my face relax fully and then see how necessary I feel it is to get it again right away.

What are the long-term effects?

If you want to prevent early fine lines from becoming deep wrinkles then Botox is a great option. What I like about Botox is that it is temporary. But paralyzing the muscles for a short amount of time causes the skin to sort of freeze in a way, preventing deeper wrinkling. I think everything comes with some *possible but rare* negative side effects. A quick google search can help you find that!

How many units did you get, and where?

51. Majority in my forehead, 11 lines between my eyebrows and my crows feet.

How much did it cost?

I think it was around $12.75 per unit but I imagine it varies depending on where you go! A quick google search told me Botox costs on average $10-$15 per unit so I was right in the middle.

Where do you see the biggest difference? Forehead, eyes?

Definitely forehead but I would say the the entire area from the outside of my eyes to my forehead just feels tighter and lifted. But my forehead is so much smoother and brighter because of Botox (it helps diminish pores, too).

Can you get Botox if you are breastfeeding? Should I avoid it if I am TTC?

I am not a doctor so I don’t know! I would always ask your doctor.

Any insight on Botox versus Dysport or other types of “baby botox?”

I don’t know anything!

Do you have any regrets? Do you still feel like yourself?

No regrets! It definitely took a minute to get used to. It’s sort of this heavy sensation in your forehead. I naturally have a very squinty smile so I feel like it maybe looks a little different? But otherwise I just think I look like a more well-rested version of myself.

How did you decide where to go to get Botox?

My friend Megan had told me about Cameron Moskos (her IG is a fun follow) and then once I started mentioning where I booked an appointment soooo many people reached out saying she was wonderful. I feel like word of mouth is always best! I also loved that she is a PA and has many years of experience so she is just sort of aware of it all. If you’re in the area, she was wonderful.

When I mentioned that I was getting Botox I had some followers say they were sort of disappointed in my choice. And I wanted to say that I understand that in a way. I had to call my mom and make sure she was okay with it because I think a part of me feels like getting Botox feels artificial, which I guess it is. But it doesn’t make you any less of the person that you are. Personally, the past two years have aged me mentally and emotionally. I don’t worry about my physical appearance/looks on a daily basis but I have felt the heaviness in my eyes and my skin. I had been feeling dull and Botox sort of made me feel awake again. It doesn’t mean that the skincare products I recommend aren’t as reliable or that anything has changed at all. It was just a personal choice that makes me feel like I can tackle the day with a little more pep in my step. I’m going to call it a mental boost versus a physical and that’s more important for me these days. So I’m really happy I did it! Because it’s harder to see the exhaustion on my face 🙂