Charleston over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

My Favorite Spots Around Charleston

I get questions daily about what to do, what to see, where to eat and where to stay in Charleston so I thought it would be a good idea to put everything in one place! To be honest, I’m still exploring but at least wanted to share some personal favorites so if you’re planning a trip here you have somewhere to start.

Favorite Restaurants in Charleston

Little Jacks*
Basic Kitchen
The Ordinary
Chez Nous
Chubby Fish
Butcher + Bee*
Goat Sheep Cow x Babas
167 Raw
Chasing Sage
Halls Chophouse
82 Queen* (classic Charleston)
Edmunds Oast*
Hometeam BBQ* (downtown or on Sullivan’s Island)
Obstinate Daughter (on Sullivan’s Island)
The Post House* (in Mount Pleasant)
**(the * signifies somewhere where you could take kids!)

Whether you’re looking to grab lunch with girlfriends, date night or get an early dinner as a family – these are some of our favorite spots! If you’re looking to grab lunch with friends or other couples, I recommend Leon’s, Basic Kitchen, Little Jacks or 167 Raw. If you’re looking for date night, Dave and I love sitting at the bar at Melfi’s, Chez Nous is a dreamy little spot (their menu changes daily), and Chasing Sage. Some of these places also have great brunch options so I would check them out online!

Favorite Spots to Grab Coffee/Breakfast in Charleston

Harken Cafe
The Daily
Harbinger Cafe
Babas on Canon

I would stop at any one of these spots and then walk around Charleston! Some of my favorite days start at Harken Cafe followed by walks around Rainbow Row, the Battery and everywhere in between. Get cheese and wine and yummy sandwiches from Babas!

Where to Stay in Charleston

The Dewberry – great for a couples trip
Zero George – beautiful and charming
Hotel Bennett – great for families
86 Cannon – dreamy little inn

Obviously there are a ton of great hotels in Charleston but these are just the ones I’ve personally stayed and just love their entire ambiance. Again, I’m new(er) to the area so I’m sure there are other great hotels that I’m just not super knowledgeable of!

Where to Shop in Charleston

Hampden Clothing
Lake Pajamas
Roller Rabbit
Beau + Ro
Madison Matthews
Mitchell Hill
Amanda Lindroth
Tiny Tassel
Monkee’s of MP (Mount Pleasant)
Out of Hand (Mount Pleasant)
Celadon Home (Mount Pleasant)

What to do in Charleston

With kids – go to the aquarium, rent a boat, go to a Charleston Riverdogs game, check out the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point, go to the beach at Sullivan’s or Folly, do a carriage ride.

Without kids – walk around the battery, shop on King Street, grab lunch at Leon’s, get drinks on the rooftop of the Dewberry, get oysters and martinis at The Ordinary, get Gamechangers at Hometeam BBQ, go to the Gibbs Museum, have dinner at any of the amazing restaurants listed above. It’s such a fun town to explore and eat/drink your way through, if that’s your thing 😉

I’m often asked about what to do for bachelorette parties and honestly I’m sort of out of the game! I don’t know many bars but all of these are upscale options if that’s your vibe!

Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments!