Blogging over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Well, I’m writing this in bed with COVID. Feeling much better but not how I expected to finish our Christmas break! Sort of fitting as we end a year that we thought was our comeback. So much has happened for us this year, the biggest things being our move to Charleston and welcoming baby George, and so much that followed.

I think back to the beginning of 2021 and how emotionally unstable I was – with giving birth, postpartum, navigating change, second guessing choices, trying to be strong for our family and generally feeling like I couldn’t put energy into anything. I like to consider myself a pretty optimistic, confident in her choices, feels safe in comfort zones, likes to be in control individual but when you throw me into a situation that makes me unstable I sort of unravel. I think a lot of us (if not all of us) can relate to this feeling, especially after two years of COVID completely turning our world upside down. We’ve all had to rethink, relinquish and readjust.

2021 was a year of instability for me (I was the balloon!) and I found comfort in clinging to my family. I really settled into my role as a mom and wife as we all adjusted to our new life in South Carolina. Away from family and away from the comfort we knew and loved. With that came a new understanding and appreciation for our roles. I didn’t have my family to lean on or my friends to call down the street or the familiar lady who checked me out at the grocery store. I was forced to be the familiarity and pave a new way. It’s been sort of liberating and so special to have been able to savor all of this time just the five of us. To create something new just for us. The silver lining of the past two years has been getting to this point and creating the life that we wanted to live, for us.

I’m also proud of myself. This year tested me and pushed me to wave the white flag. I had to shed so many layers of myself. My suit of armor (which I talked about in last year’s reflection post!) that I like to think holds our family together completely crumbled. I handed off tasks and mom guilt and stress and just let it go. Our house was a mess, I never once tackled my to-do lists, laundry piled up and we ate out too many times to count. But I was also more content and calmer. I embraced the chaos that is this season of life with three young kids. I learned to relinquish control and the demands I set in my own head. I’ve found more joy in being, with fewer plans and more time at home.

And out of this new routine and new normal came Olive Lane, a place that is rooted in family and home and being together. A dream that started in 2019, took fruition in 2020 and was born in 2021. We have so many amazing things coming in 2022. I can’t wait to continue to build a platform that brings all the fuzzy feelings of home into your kitchen.

I always like to choose a word for the year ahead. My word for 2022 is consistency. I want to be consistent in my choices, my time, my work. I want to find my footing and stand tall. I want to give you expectations and hold true to them. I’m determined to reconnect with all of you and let HAF be a place you can count on. You’re going to see more consistent content and posts coming from us in 2022 and I can’t wait. I also want to have FUN. I want this space to be fun and indulgent and to have weird conversations and share what it means to live life. I also don’t want to put any expectations on myself. There is nothing to prove, no one holding me to a standard that needs to be achieved. I’ve decided 2022 is going to be the year that I live my life. I watch my kids grow, I do the things that bring me joy, I let myself rest, I don’t strive for perfection, I make our house a home, I spend more time outdoors, I treat my body well and I take care of those around me. I want to spend less time on my phone and more time living my life. I want the same for you.

I can’t end this year without saying thank you. Truth be told, this was a hard year for me. Having this online community that allowed me to share the ups and downs of a year full of change and uncertainty was without a doubt one of the things that got me through. Thank you for hanging in there as I was quieter, slower to answer and posts were inconsistent. Thank you for showing up for each other, building this community, trusting me and my recommendations, shopping through my links and supporting my brand partners, cheering me on always but also letting me have days to figure it out. I don’t say it enough but I am the luckiest and forever grateful to have this team on the internets.

On to a new year. In the end, remember that plans can change, life as we know it can shift in a second – the best we can do is enjoy where we are right now. Don’t look at the year ahead as a year, look at is a day and try to let every day be your best day. We have fresh tech backgrounds going live on Friday to ring in January + then I’ll see you next week! xoxo