Kids over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Meet George

Hi world! I’m George!

Our sweet baby boy joined our family on January 6th and it is safe to say that we are obsessed. He was born 8lbs 3oz with full cheeks and rolls and I’ve spent the past two weeks trying not to eat him. I was induced (similar to Jack) at 8am and he was born at 4:27pm. I can’t believe he is here!

I’m even more amazed by this tiny miracle after welcoming George into the world. You’d think that the awe of it would subside by baby #3 but it’s actually the opposite. The things you don’t realize to appreciate with your first are made even more special with each new arrival. I think it’s because you know what to expect – you know that the recovery, the postpartum journey, the sleepless night, the fresh baby face and tiny noises and sweet smells – they are all fleeting. I’m even more proud today than I was the first time. I’ll never take for granted that my body carried my three perfect babies.

We are adjusting well! Charlie and Jack are so proud to be big brothers and mom and dad are extremely tired and stretched a little thin, ha. But, this is part of the journey I’ve learned to love. There are moments in life that test you and moments that teach you to let go. Having a baby is a mix of both. It’s learning to shift and adapt and accept change. You learn to let go of selfish choices and just give into the moment because it is a short season of life. It’s truly the biggest change that you’ll ever experience so let it be that way – give yourself grace to navigate the unchartered waters.

It’s crazy how much George has changed already! We are starting to see his little features shine through and he has the sweetest little disposition. I’ve gotten so many questions about who he looks like and I truly see reflections of both Charlie and Jack! Only time will tell. I can’t wait to watch him grow and change over the next few months but also don’t want to wish away these sweet sleepy early days.

Thanks for all of the love! Can’t wait to share more about this journey as a mom of 3 with you!