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6 Months with George

How is my baby 6 months old!! I literally can’t believe it.

When I think about the past 6 months I feel so many emotions. George came into the world at a time that held a lot of uncertainty. I had this looming anxiety about our move, constantly questioning our choices, I didn’t want to start packing, I just was sort of frozen waiting for all the change that was to come. George brought so much calm to my anxiousness. He was my peace and quiet amongst the chaos. His sweet little personality is reflective of those early days.

As you can probably sense from my shares on Instagram, George is the HAPPIEST baby. Always smiling and loves his brothers so much. He has the most piercing blue eyes (which is wild because the rest of us all have brown eyes), the sweetest little combover and the chubbiest cheeks. In general he has been a really good baby. George has always been very good at giving cues — he cries when he is hungry or tired and otherwise he is pretty content.

As a mom, baby #3 comes with a different mindset. I’m pretty experienced in motherhood at this point — I’m more confident in my abilities, more confident in the stability of a newborn, more comfortable with the entire experience. It has allowed me to settle in, give in to phases, savor the hard moments, see the light at the end of the tunnel when the days are long. I didn’t put George on a schedule until about 5.5 months because I really enjoyed the comfort of him whether it was during the day or the middle of the night (I’m sure first-time mom’s out there are like YOU ARE INSANE).

I am officially done breastfeeding. We made it about 5 months exclusively breastfeeding and I was ready for a break. We struggled to get George to take a bottle but now we are using these standard bottles from Evenflo, recommend by Kate from Bumble Baby as the “closest to the nipple” if you’re looking for guidance. We also use the Baby Brezza which is definitely an investment but a GAMECHANGER (if you’re using formula). It makes a warm bottle in seconds.

George is sleeping through the night! Usually 6:30pm-6:30am. I try to get him down between 6:30-7pm and he sleeps about 12 hours. He usually naps from 9-11am and again from 1-3pm but isn’t the best napper. He will wake up after 30 minutes and yell and fall back to sleep, sometimes waking up again. However, I do try and keep him in his crib for the full 2 hours. He was taking a 30-minute nap around 5 pm but seems to be dropping this the past few nights which has lead him to a little earlier bedtime. Here is a sample of his schedule:

6 Month Baby Schedule

6:30/7am – wakeup + 8oz bottle
8am – solids
9am – nap
11am – wakeup + 8oz bottle
12pm – solids
1pm – nap
3pm – wakeup + 8oz bottle
4:30ish – solids
5:45pm – nap
6:15pm – 8oz bottle
6:30/6:45pm – bedtime

my dress (wearing a 4) // my earrings (sold out in this color)

6 months with three kids has tested my patience many times over but seeing my three boys together makes my heart so full. I can’t believe they get to have each other forever. Siblings are so special. Charlie is the SWEETEST big brother, his main goal in life right now is to make George smile. I am often reminding myself that although this season of life is exhausting, this moment in time is fleeting. Everyday my boys look a little bit older, learn something new, don’t need me as much, get more and more determined to do their own thing, aren’t as interested in playing with me. It’s the same feeling that gets me through the newborn phase, knowing that in the blink of an eye the hardest days are behind you. Being a mom is a constant test of your inner strength but just wanted to remind you, if you’re in it like us, you’re doing an amazing job.