Family over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

Happy Birthday, George!

My baby is one today. I don’t know how this past year flew by so fast. As hard as you try to hold on to every little moment with a newborn, time is a thief. I think back on this past year and try so hard to remember certain instances that I told myself to not let escape my memory and I can’t remember. I spent George’s first year of life watching him grow but also personally growing, too. Motherhood is a wonderful game of wanting time to speed up but feeling so sad to let it go. As happy as I am to be here, it will never feel like I had enough time with him as a baby.

Georgie boy! Truly the rock I didn’t know I needed this past year. I let all expectations of a routine go and completely soaked up every inch of him for the first 6 months. No bedtime, no feeding schedule – just me and him. I loved knowing that no matter what I could always sneak away to his room for a moment of peace and quiet, just us. I held him so tight during all the change and really sank deep into being a mom. It was the best. Both Dave and I agree that George was the baby we appreciated the baby phase the most. It sort of makes me sad that we got the hang of it at baby #3 but I’m grateful nonetheless.

George is a dream. His bright blue eyes, curly hair, rosy lips and smiley face. He IDOLIZES his brothers, loves to discover things on his own, loves to nuzzle in, loves to eat and is just a really good baby. His whole face lights up when he smiles and I just could get lost in watching him learn and observe. He is so expressive and makes the funniest little faces and noises. His only word is “da-da” (of course) and has zero interest in learning any other words. He crawls so fast, loves to climb the stairs, loves to shuffle around tables and is a busy little bee. He loves to be outside, loves to eat sand, loves to take baths and water in general. He is just a really FUN little boy. He loves avocados and pickles and meatballs and his washcloth that has become his baby blanket. I always want to remember the simple things that bring him joy.

George does not like being changed, things going over his head, he hates being buckled into anything (stroller + car seat), he gets very scared of loud noises and isn’t a fan of sweet potatoes.

At every birthday for my kids I get so sad to look at how much they have changed in a year. How the days feel so long in the moment but a year goes by in the blink of an eye. I get asked all the time how I feel being a mom to three boys and I truly can’t believe how lucky I am. They all hold such a special place in our family dynamic and Dave and I always talk about the bond that they will forever share. I can’t wait to see all the personality that grows with George over the next year. My magical little boy.

Happy birthday, my baby! I love you forever.

PS: looking back on George here and here. Feels like yesterday, and also years ago.