Family about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

A Little Catchup

Good morning! Can you believe it is May? I cannot. I feel like the first half of the year is almost behind us and has been a complete blur. I know I chat with you on Instagram most days but that really just gives you a small glimpse into life around here and I feel like 2023 deserves a little check in.

My parents were here for 2 months from the middle of February to mid-April. When they are in town I completely check out of other obligations. I settle in to pretending we still live blocks away, we cook, we adventure around Charleston, we take the kids to the beach, we hang on the couch and watch movies and I sort of ignore everything else. When it comes to family I tend to live in a little bubble where no one else exists. Does that sound bad? Ha. I feel like I just want to bottle up every moment I can get with them and then I blinked and two months came and went. In that time we went skiing in Park City, had more family visit us here in Charleston and went to the Cayman Islands for Spring Break!

We only have a few weeks left of the school year, Spring sports are wrapping up and events are picking up on the calendar. Dave has had some golf trips booked, I have had some girls trips booked and I feel like this time of year is a commitment to powering through to summer. I often get asked how we plan trips and I was telling a friend that once George turned two I feel like my world opened up a bit. The baby stage has come to an end (so sad to type that) and the reality is George doesn’t NEED me as much anymore. He follows his brothers everywhere, he can communicate, he has a consistent routine and managing the three boys together has become easier (and also harder in some ways, ha). But because George isn’t as dependent on me, my anxiousness that prevents me from making plans decided to give me a break. I’m always fearful leading up to trips but know how important it is for me to have a break and for Dave to have time with the boys. And vice versa! It’s good for everyone.

Charlie is so big. Like turning into such a little man. When he turned 7 it felt like we became more of a team. He understands boundaries, why mom and dad regulate certain things, how to help around the house, etc. He is so much fun to have conversations with, can read so well (he grew up so much in 1st grade!) and is such a loving big brother. He loves SO HARD.

Jack is going to be in kindergarten next year and I can’t wait for he and Charlie to be in the same school! It’s going to be so special. Jack is just the sweetest little soul. He is incredibly empathetic and feels a lot. He remembers everything, especially sentimental moments in life. He holds on to lots of feelings and loves to be loved on. He is going to LOVE Kindergarten.

George is a character. Our sitter always says she feels like she is having a conversation with a grumpy old man in a tiny body. That is George! He knows what he wants and how to get it. He is so smiley and silly. He loves his brothers and can’t wait to be a big boy! He is constantly climbing on everything, scaling our kitchen cabinets, running everywhere and just so busy. Keeping up with the three of them is so much fun.

On the work front – Dave and I are starting a podcast! It will be launching in the next couple of weeks. We have already recorded a few episodes and it definitely takes some getting used to. The first episode we talked for 7 or so minutes and looked at each other and said “how long was that?” Haha. We have to get more into the mindset of anything goes sort of open conversation rather than too planned, which is sometimes hard for me. But it’s fun to do together, Dave is hilarious and I think it will be good conversations on parenting, our relationship and just life in general.

Olive Lane is getting a little refresh! I haven’t talked much about the business side of Olive Lane but when we started I had a partner who helped me with site design, sourcing products, shipping, customer service and marketing. Well I’m taking over everything so it’s been a little bit of a transition. I’m using this as an opportunity to introduce new brands and products, streamline the site and some backend items and just clean house a bit. I’m hoping to share our little “relaunch” on June 1!

This summer we are heading back to the Midwest for 4 weeks to visit family in Michigan, Wisconsin and back in Chicago! I’m so excited for our time spent up there, the kids have the BEST time. We won’t be leaving until after the 4th of July this year so I feel like we have a good chunk of time here before heading back home. Do you call where you live now your home or where you grew up your home? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Life is busy right now. And I hate to use the word busy but as the kids get older I find it harder to find time outside of them. George will start school in the fall (SAD!) and I know that will open up a lot of time for me but right now I’m trying to enjoy it. I’m ready for our summer schedule and settling in to a slower routine.

Welp, I think that’s it! Felt like I needed a little check in with my HAF fam. Hope everything is well with YOU!