Skincare over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

My Skin Insecurities + How To Get Flawless Summer Skin

Chatting about my favorite skincare products is a common conversation between my friends and I. Although my job allows me to try a lot of different brands, there are only a few that have stood the test of time in my beauty cabinet. We all have different skin so recommendations I give you may not be compatible for your individual needs but know that I will always only ever show you my favorites so you are able to make your own informed decisions!

Summer skin. Summer skin stresses me out! When we spend majority of our days at the pool I’m always aware of how my skin and my body looks in the sunshine. I have very sensitive skin, specifically on the back of my thighs/booty. If I wear jeans too many days in a row, I get all of these little bumps all over. I’ve learned that my skin is super sensitive – to sunscreen, to fabrics, to environmental barriers – and I’m always a self conscious in a bathing suit because of this issue. I’ve learned that consistent exfoliating + treatment and moisturizing is KEY. Today I’m going to share two magical products that have totally changed my skin just in time for bathing suit season!

Today Tula is launching their So Polished Sugar Scrub which I was lucky enough to test out early. It is AMAZING. It gently exfoliates the skin and the word gently is so important. It is wonderful for sensitive skin (like me) but makes a huge difference. Exfoliating is so so important for cellular regeneration and making sure that your skin is in the best shape possible! Think of it as getting rid of the dead stuff to allow fresh skin to fill in. I have been using it 3x a week for two weeks at the end of my hot showers to allow the steam/heat to open up my pores. Then I gently apply it to my problem areas (use a washcloth and really get in there!) and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse off! So easy and it smells amazing. Tula releases sell out FAST so if you want this product, I would recommend buying now!

Ok so the next thing I do, and I think this may be the most important step in keeping those pesky bumps away, is I apply this Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel. I put a few pumps on a cotton pad and just rub it all over my problem areas (after exfoliating them in the shower). I think this is what helps to really clean out the pores and keep my skin FRESH. If you struggle with irritated skin (sometimes this can also be common on upper arms!) you have to try this combo. The thing I love about Tula products, is that when you think about the benefits of probiotics when you digest them, how they kind of flush out the bad bacteria and regulate the good stuff, it works the same way for skin! So when you really allow their products to work together – magic happens. 

In general, I have pretty normal skin. I’ve never struggled with breakouts and my skin usually teeters between dry and oily. It all depends! If you have sensitive skin to normal/combination skin, Tula is an amazing brand to try! If you have acne prone skin, they even have products for you too! I highly recommend you browse their site because you can shop BY CONCERN and it is so so helpful. 

Don’t forget to use code LIZADAMS to get 20% off your purchase of any Tula products on! June 1 is tomorrow (wtf) so time to get that skin in the best shape possible!