Skincare over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

9 Skincare Products I’m Loving

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The only form of self care I’ve been indulging in lately is my skincare routine. I swear I’ve aged 10 years in the past two months, ha! When I’m feeling rundown, dehydrated, lacking sleep or just need a boost of energy, a fresh skincare routine seems to do the trick. It’s like a little boost of life that has been much needed lately.

To be honest, it is rare that my routine is consistent night after night. I really try to listen to my skin and give it what it needs on any given day. Sometimes that means extra moisture, sometimes that means some anti-aging products and if the surface of my skin is feeling rough and dry then a quick exfoliating always helps. With packing over the past month and really pairing down on my products, I realized the ones that have been tried and true favorites lately. I feel like all of these items pack a punch and get the job done well, no matter what you’re looking for!

We tried to label the basic tasks that each product accomplishes so you can easily pinpoint what you might be missing in your routine/where you could fill in! And the steps can help you visualize how I like to use the products.

Quick + Easy Skincare Routines

When my skin feels dehydrated:
Tula CleanserDime Beauty TonerVintners Daughter Active Botanical SerumSobel Moisturizer

When my focus is on anti-aging/repair:
Tula CleanserDime Beauty TonerBiossance MaskSkinceuticals Vitamin CSobel Moisturizer

When my skin needs a little extra energy:
Tula CleanserDime Beauty TonerSkincueticals Vitamin CHA IntensifierSobel Moisturizer

When I need a complete refresh:
Tula CleanserM-61 Peel PadsVintners Daughter Active Botanical SerumSobel Moisturizer

I’ll let you guys read up on the benefits of each of these products but giving all of them my full endorsement! Reminder, I have some codes for you:

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