Family over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

We Made It!

Guys, I don’t know what to talk about anymore aside from all the crazy things happening in our lives! Truly, I feel like I’m a broken record and I apologize for that but holy changes. I’ve been thinking so much about the past few months and can’t believe we have finally made it to this point!

Since this past November, after our month in Charleston, life has sort of been a blur. We got home December 1st, dove into Christmas season, quarantined halfway through December before welcoming George, ended up testing positive for Covid before labor, had George January 6, quarantined for two weeks while packing and welcoming a newborn and moved out of our house on February 21. It’s been all sorts of a whirlwind.

Honestly, this move probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t a quick decision. We had been considering this move for the past 8 years but since I’m a creature of comfort, I could come up with every excuse under the sun to not move. I knew that ultimately that excuse wasn’t serving our family. After spending the month of November here in Charleston, we knew that the best decision for our us would be to move here. To say yes to something we considered for so long. After watching our boys spend their days outdoors in the sunshine, in a place that we love so much, we knew this would be a good decision.

So here we are! We made it!

Are we always going to feel like we are on vacation? Because that is kind of what it feels like with palm trees outside our windows and the ocean glistening in the distance from our front porch. I pinch myself every morning that my days get to start and end here. I know that I’ll have moments of feeling homesick. I already miss my friends and our routine but that feeling also makes me excited to find that here.

So for now I’m just trying to find that sense of home, sense of routine, focus on my family/kids and help them to feel like this is it. It has been hard for Charlie and Jack to understand the move. They keep referring to Charleston as their “new house” and our old house as their “home.” Charlie also keeps asking if we can paint this house the same colors as our old house which sort of makes my heart hurt. These transitions are hard, whether they are right or not. I have felt alllll the feels over the past few weeks and I’m prepared to feel more in the coming weeks. As a mom, I think you carry the weight of your entire family’s emotions and that’s where I’m at. Feeling very aware of how the boys are feeling and just trying to make everything feel like the right move for them.

I apologize if I’ve been a little vacant. Welcoming George has been a whirlwind, moving has been a whirlwind, surviving has been a whirlwind. George is 8 weeks old, still waking up 2-3x a night and life is a little sleepy over here. I’m going to update you guys soon when I have a day on my computer — although I can’t even picture that happening soon, ha. But I always want to keep you guys in the loop! We are in survival mode over here.

Thanks for always supporting us! We LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

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  1. Your decision to move is inspiring! We live in PA and I’ve contemplated moving to somewhere warmer and more *us* for a while. Reading your experience, makes it seem more possible. ☀️ Enjoy that warmer weather!

  2. Man, I’m exhausted just reading this Liz! You’re doing amazing and hard things. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us! So excited to see you all blossom in your new home

  3. Congrats on the move. I feel you because we made a hard decision move the beginning of January with our family (but without the new baby!). We had been in the Chicagoland area for 15 years and had been wanting to move to live in a small lake town in Michigan but, like you, every time it came to pull the trigger I found a reason to stay put (mainly my job). Finally I got a good job offer and we did it! Not easy at all to leave a place that was home for so long. I loved my old job and our friends and our family was nearby. I fretted over EVERYTHING from leaving our pediatricians, daycare, easy access to stores… I spend a ton of nights crying if this was a good idea or not. Ultimately it has been a godsent! We love our new town and exploring these past months. It’s wonderful to be in a small little lake town versus the busy burbs. I love the idea of my kids calling this place home. I do have a pang of sadness when my kids mention their old friends or teachers but they are adjusting wonderfully. Good luck and happy adventure.

  4. I moved when I was 5, 7 and 13 growing up and it was hard but I adjusted well each time and I think it made me a better adult in all honesty! The boys are going to thrive. Enjoy the sunshine!

  5. I am so happy y’all made it and are starting to get settled! I know it is going to feel like home for all of you sooner rather than later. The sunny spring season will definitely help that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us! You have got this lady – and take all the time you need. It’s been a lot of change!

    xo Laura Leigh

  6. “As a mom, I think you carry the weight of your entire family’s emotions and that’s where I’m at.” – Truer words have never been spoken! Welcome to your new home! Thanks for bringing us along on the journey.

  7. So, so happy for your family Liz. Take the time you need to settle into your new life and with baby George! I’m already loving the pics from the water!

  8. Our kids had a hard time this summer and we moved ONE MILE from our old house, stayed in the same school district and moved closer to good friends. Moving is hard for everyone and that’s ok! We can do hard things. Also, our instinct as parents is to protect our kids from any negative feeling/emotion, but that won’t serve them will in life right? Know that following your heart to Charleston was brave and amazing and it can also be hard too! You are teaching your boys amazing lessons in taking leaps of faith and seeing where life takes you. Soooo happy for you and hope we can visit ya’ll in Charleston someday! Our family fell in love with it when we visited a few years back (who doesn’t right?!) sending lots of love ❤️

  9. I feel so much for you. I was in your situation years ago. You are doing a great job – just being so sensitive to your family’s needs is a wonderful gift. It will ALL happen for you. Xo