Beauty over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

4 New Skincare Products to Love from Tula

Tula launched 4 new products and I have loved testing them over the past couple weeks! Serums are one of my secret weapons when it comes to skincare — think of them as the heavy hitters in your routine — the power players! Packed with concentrated ingredients that get to work. With Tula adding these serums to their collection they have a full, effective line up to truly transform your skincare routine.

Tula’s probiotic technology is what really drew me to their products. I use their Purifying cleanser every night to wash off the day and prep my skin for product, along with their new wrinkle treatment drops and moisturizer. I’m also a huge fan of their So Smooth enzyme mask which is a complete exfoliating and resurfacing peel to use 3x a week for renewed, fresh skin. All that to say, after using Tula products consistently for 3+ years my skin has avoided a lot of hormonal acne, my skin appears more even, less redness and irritation and it is way less oily than it used to be. I truly see and feel the benefits of the probiotics (the same way probiotics are recommended for gut health!) and the way they help to keep my skin feeling clean and healthy.

Ok on to these serums! My two favorite are the Triple Vitamin C Serum and the Wrinkle Treatment Drops. If you’re prone to sensitive skin, outbreaks or if the winter months tend to do a doozy on your skin – the Sensitive Skin treatment drops are a must have. Here is why I love these new serums:

Sensitive Skin Drops / Calming Vitamin B Serum – Quickly soothe irritation while helping skin feel less stressed over time with this calming Vitamin B treatment serum. Four types of Vitamin B—including niacinamide hydrate, smooth & protect skin against irritants. Ginger, aloe, cucumber & oats offer short-term relief while probiotics strengthen the skin barrier, improving its overall resilience.

Brightening Treatment Drops / Triple Vitamin C Serum – I use this in the morning! A potent brightening serum treatment with 10% Triple Vitamin C Complex. Two types of Vitamin C treat dull skin & help reduce the look of dark spots, while the third—a special ‘recharger’—reactivates the others throughout the day to defend against elements that cause dullness. Probiotics, prebiotics, lychee & mango extracts even the appearance of skin tone & restore overall radiance—without sticky residue. Vitamin C is a must have add to your routine and consider it a natural way to fight the look of aging.

Wrinkle Treatment Drops / Retinol Alternative Serum – I have been using these every night! I usually use retinol to fight signs of aging when I’m NOT pregnant but since that is not an option when you are pregnant, these are a great alternative! What you love about retinol, without the irritation. Minimize the look of wrinkles & treat premature signs of aging with this powerful, dry oil serum formulated with a blend of three clean botanical retinol alternatives—bakuchiol, alfalfa sprouts & stevia. Probiotics, goji berry prebiotics & olive-derived squalane deeply nourish & firm skin. Retinol can be super harsh on the skin and these are calming and effective!

What you’ll notice with these serums is that they all serve a purpose. I love that serums usually come in to get the job done in certain areas of your routine and that’s why I count on them to do work for my skin! One more product that is worth noting is their newest face moisturizer – Protect + Plump firming and hydrating face moisturizer. When I first tried this my thought was, “I don’t need another moisturizer.” BUT, this product is good. I talked a little bit about it on my IG stories but the effects are almost immediate!

Protect + Plump / Firming and Hydrating Face Moisturizer – A potent daily ageless moisturizer with heavy-hitting ingredients & an incredible weightless texture. Prebiotics & patented smart peptide technology target fine lines, wrinkles & signs of premature aging to plump the look of skin & restore skin radiance. Supercharged ingredients like probiotics, vitamins & ceramides nourish & protect skin. This truly gives your skin almost a primer finish leaving skin feeling velvety and smooth and truly PLUMP. It absorbs quickly making it perfect for daytime. A great addition for those of you looking to combat signs of aging.

Tula‘s newest slogan is “Ageless is the new anti-aging.™” I love that. I’m not one to hide the fact that I’m getting older, it’s a sign of life treating me well. But if there are products out there that can help slow down the process, I’ll take it 🙂

A big thank you to Tula for partnering on this post!