Beauty over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Supergoop Glow Screen vs. Tula Protect + Glow

Awhile ago I shared a review on IG stories of my two favorite face sunscreens: Supergoop Glow Screen and Tula Protect + Glow! I love both of these for the gorgeous glow they give you while also protecting your skin from UVA + UVB rays. But I do notice a difference between the two and usually reach towards one more than the other! Here is my personal breakdown between the two…

Supergoop Glow Screen

I would consider this closer to a tinted moisturizer beyond also having SPF 40! It has a gorgeous glow that blends imperfections and really evens out your skin tone. When I’ve compared the two side by side, the glow screen sits a little thicker on the skin (it’s definitely a lotion consistency). I think this product is great to stand alone if you look for a little more coverage and can be layered with your makeup products (although I would skip an additional foundation). It has Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin to boost skin’s moisture and sea lavender provides powerful antioxidant protection. Cocoa peptides help protect skin from blue-light damage! So great for indoor and outdoor activities. If you are prone to dry skin then this would be a great product for you!

Overall: The glow is subtle and lovely, skin feels soft and buoyant and evens out skin tone. Retail: $36SHOP SUPERGOOP GLOW SCREEN HERE.

Tula Protect + Glow

A lightweight, quick drying gel with the prettiest glow and SPF 30 protection! I find myself reaching for this more because of a few reasons… It is so light! I love how this feels on the skin alone because it is so light and absorbs quickly. When the summer heat is strong this isn’t going to make your skin feel like it has a layer to sweat off. It basically feels like you’re wearing nothing. Because of this it is GREAT to wear under makeup that may not have SPF. I find myself using this then applying concealer, a little blush and a swipe of mascara and I’m done.

I also love Tula’s skincare properties – probiotics have been a huge help in combating the gunk that can build up in my skin, especially during hot summer months. I always say less is more during this time of year which is why I love that this is packed with good things like probiotics to help lock in moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier, pineapple and papaya promote an even skin tone and wild butterfly ginger root protects skin against blue light. Since I don’t wear much makeup in the summer, I really like this product. Again, great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Overall: Lightweight, more glow than the GlowScreen, absorbs quickly and easily layered under makeup! Retail: $36 SHOP TULA PROTECT + GLOW HERE (use code LIZADAMS for 15% off!)


Ultimately I would say that a big factor would be skin type since both products ultimately do the same thing: allow you to ditch the makeup all together and gives your skin the prettiest glow while also protecting it against UVA + UVB light! BUT, if your skin is on the dry side – I would reach for Supergoop Protect + Glow and if you have combination skin, are prone to dryness or build up or just have sensitive skin, I would reach for Tula Protect + Glow. I think it would be better on all skin types given other factors like heat, sweat, etc.