Beauty over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

My Favorite Beauty Products for Glowy Summer Skin

One of my favorite things about being pregnant is how much I take care of myself during this time. It feels like a moment to really cherish and love on your body, appreciate the way it works and what it does for you. I have a much healthier mindset during pregnancy since I’m focused on doing what I can to make sure it is in peak condition for the baby in my belly! This mindset trickles down to little things that I do for me – a more indulgent nighttime skincare routine, long baths, vitamins, lots of water, body oils, exercise and more. I feel like I really try to bring out that inner pregnancy glow!

Since I had a stye the first couple months of my pregnancy I’ve really minimized the products I’ve been using on my skin. Specifically on my face but also a few body products that get the job done in a couple simple steps. I haven’t worn mascara in almost 4 months and it feels so good! My focus has been exfoliating, keeping my skin moisturized and nourished and clean products to give me a natural summer glow. Here are a few favorites!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops! I was so skeptical to use these because I never use self tanner but after seeing a few friends try it and have such natural results I thought I would give it a go. I bought the medium and have only used on my face so far. You mix a few drops (recommended is anywhere from 2-12 drops, I did 4!) into your normal moisturizer and by the next morning you have a really natural glow! I’ve just been using once a week or once every 10 days but I have friends who use it every few days. Up to you! I made sure to exfoliate before applying, I’ve been loving Tula’s So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub – you can use code LIZADAMS for 15% off!

Tula Protect + Glow SPF. You can refer to this post about why I love this so much! Not only is it a daily SPF but I have been using this after my moisturizer to give my a skin a nice glow and help to even out my complexion and any pigmentation. It’s the best base! Again, use code LIZADAMS for 15% off anything from Tula!

Tula’s Glow Hour. I know, I know – a lot of Tula. But they’ve really brought their A-game this year with all of the natural GLOW. This new eye balm combats dark circles, cools and brightens and leaves the prettiest golden glow to wake up your eyes. I’ve worn this alone, applied later in the day as a pick me up and it is such a universal product. LIZADAMS for 15% off!

RMS Signature Set Mod Collection Palette. This is truly the only makeup I’ve been wearing the last month. Julia shared this product and I loved how natural and simple it was, exactly what I look for in my makeup routine. It has a bronzer, cheek color, highlighters and a lip balm all in one. Perfect for on the go. I’ll be sharing a little tutorial on how I use these face products together in an IGTV today!

When it comes to products for my body there are 3 that I rely on heavily and one that is my must have while pregnant. Let me start with that must have that isn’t photographed because just the other day Charlie dropped it off the bathroom vanity and the top broke and it spilled out everywhere…

Almond Oil. This was recommended to me when I was pregnant with Charlie to combat stretch marks. It is THE MOST NOURISHING oil I’ve ever found for my skin. I apply it every night before bed and when you wake up your skin is like BUTTER. It absorbs well and doesn’t stain your clothes with oily spots. I use year round but am really regimented during my pregnancies. Knock on wood I don’t have one stretch mark from carrying Charlie or Jack so hoping that baby #3 is the same. *I know stretch marks can be hereditary!

Nécessaire Body Lotion. The best best best best body lotion. I apply this after my showers every day or every other day. I love this lotion but especially notice how amazing it is in the summer because it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sweaty in the heat. Also, you should get the Eucalyptus Body Exfoliator and the Eucalyptus Body Wash. Legit a trip to the spa at home! I love Necessaire products.

REN AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum. Wow, I love this stuff. If you’re prone to bumpy skin, this stuff is magic. I get clogged hair follicles on the back of my thighs – usually from wearing workout clothes for too long or when I wear tighter jeans – and it’s something that I’ve always been self conscious of (and can also be very painful!). I try to use this body serum at least once a week and it makes a huge difference. I love this description of the product…

This 10 percent AHA exfoliating body serum delivers a full-body exfoliation without scrubbing. This lightweight body moisturizer has a lotion-like texture that boosts the skin’s natural exfoliation process while deeply hydrating. The results? Softer, smoother skin with a more even tone. Now you can glow from head-to-toe. 

The body serum is rich in lactic acid and xylitol, which are able to draw water molecules within the skin to the surface (hello, hydration!). This game-changing body moisturizer also contains probiotics, which boost the skin’s defense barrier, instantly hydrating and smoothing. Stronger, healthier skin is only an application away. Trust me, gamechanger. Also great for arms and booty!


Whenever I post anything about beauty products I always get a million questions about what to use while pregnant. My biggest suggestion is to do your own research on the products you use. I do my own when I’m debating about trying a new product and you should, too! All of these products are specifically safe for pregnancy. I’ll do a post on my full pregnancy skincare routine soon!