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Coffee with Liz • May 31, 2019

Love reading Coffee with Liz, I get so many questions (I didn’t know I had) answered, so thank you! Here’s a question I’d love advice on: my boyfriend and I both have our 30th coming up (2 weeks apart,) and he’s already planning a Napa trip as my gift. I want to do/gift something very special, as he’s always the sweetest, most generous—and we are currently doing long distance (I’m in Chicago, he’s in LA.) Any ideas on thoughtful gifts, or experiences?

Hm – what about a hot air ballon ride in Napa? I’ve seen friends do that and say it was amazing! Or rent a sweet car while you’re there? 

I love wearing headbands, but they always hurt me behind the ears if I wear them for a while. Do you ever experience this or have any tips for avoiding the afternoon “headband headache”?

I definitely experience this and I think it just ends up being trial and error! I find that the cheap ones always hurt and the ones that cost a bit more are usually more comfortable. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution!

My best friend and I have both had babies in the past 8 months and need a spa weekend meeting up in Chicago. These mama’s need some pampering and a night away from a baby monitor! What places do you recommend? Special gold stars to places we can stay at with the spa already there.

The spas at The Peninsula or The Langham (personal fave) are my faaaavorite!!

Looking for a new brow product. Read that Glossier Boy Brow was a fav now you’re using Beautycounter. Can you compare the two? Thanks!

I find that the Beautycounter one lasts all day where the Boy Brow tends to be gone by the end of the day. BUT, the Beautycounter brow gel is thick! A little goes a long way. I think because the Boy Brow is a lighter weight it looks a little more natural…

I recently found out I’m pregnant and due in early December. We had just committed to a family trip to Florida for the week after Christmas right before we found out. I’d really still like to go but am worried about flying with that young of a baby during flu season. I remember you taking Jack on a trip to SC around the same time and he was fairly young. Would you do it again? How old was Jack? Any tips or advice? Thanks!

Jack was about 5 weeks old when we traveled and because he had already had his first round of shots (at one month) our doctor told us it would be okay. I would talk to your pediatrician. This past winter the flu season was TERRIBLE. My sister’s baby wasn’t allowed to meet my kids until after his first round of shots because everything was so contagious. I think it depends on the actual dates! I would talk to your doctor 🙂

I think you said the apartment you lived in when Charlie was born was a walk-up. How did you manage to get the stroller and baby down the stairs to go on walks when you were alone? If you just carried both, what stroller did you use at that time? Just thinking ahead for how to make it work with a newborn!

We left our stroller at the first floor foyer and thankfully the other tenants didn’t care! We had the Baby Jogger City Mini GT which was easy to fold up and unfold with one hand. 

I am getting married in October and I am having trouble finding earrings I like. My dress is simple and elegant. I am looking for something classic but also long. Do you have any suggestions? Also is there anything from your wedding that you wish you had or didn’t think you needed to do looking back? Thanks! 

It’s kind of hard without seeing the dress but I love these, these and these. And at the very last minute we hired a videographer and I’m SOOOO happy that we did. Truly the best decision! 

My baby brother, who is 9 years younger than me, turns 21 in a few weeks (!). Since you are so close with your brother, I thought you may have some good recommendations on what gifts may be appropriate yet cool or fun ideas on how to celebrate. 

So fun! Do you live near him? What if you surprised him to celebrate? Or Man Crates has some fun gift ideas. Mark & Graham also has some cool personalized barware you could order. If it were me, I’d probably buy tickets to a concert so we could celebrate since my brother is really into music! You can never go wrong with experiences!

We are expecting our first boy in August- so excited about being a boy mom! We’re in deep with our registry and I’ve read your posts on your must-haves. However, we’re looking to add a few items to our registry with a smaller price tag. Everything is so expensive and we want to make sure we’re providing a range of gift-giving options to our friends and family. What are those smaller things you cannot live without, even thinking about the first few years of our son’s life? 

The Hatch light, the Shusher, Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit (get the 3-6 month), cute drool bibs and Boon grass drying rack to name a few!

My best friend is moving in with her boyfriend next month and I wanted to get them a little housewarming gift around $50. They live in NYC so likely don’t have too much storage space, but I’d love to get them something more personal than a simple candle or whatever…any ideas?!

What about a cute doormat? I love this and this!

I know you’ve mentioned that you switched up your skincare routine when you were pregnant, did you change your makeup routine as well? I’ve read mixed articles saying that you should switch to all organic, clean makeup products to articles that say your makeup routine is fine to keep as-is. 

I didn’t change my makeup routine. I think everything kind of leans towards pregnant women being as clean as possible, and I did make changes here and there but not in my beauty routine.

Do you have any recommendations for personalized stationery?

I am starting the Faster Way to Fat Loss.  Would you be able to link to a couple of your recipes or recipes you like to use that work for low-carb days, low macro, regular macro days, etc? I would love to use your recipes but don’t know how they fit in the program.

Beth Chappo has some amazing recipes! She is a FWTFL queen. I also love this post and this post from Somewhere Lately. Personally I just pieced together meals that fit into the macro days and followed what other girls were eating! 

I’ve been following you for years, and so inspired by your workouts. I know you’ve been working out consistently for a while, but was there a specific time when you felt like you noticed it all was making a difference? 

After I adjusted my diet, when doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss, I noticed a huge difference and I finally felt like I got over the hump! My trainer had always told me that it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise and after doing FWTFL I started to believe that was true! I think that really helped get my metabolism on my side. Now my bad days of eating don’t make such an impact on my weight.

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