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Answering Your Questions About The Faster Way to Fat Loss

(6 weeks postpartum with Jack • 1 week before signing up for Faster Way to Fat Loss • 4 weeks into the FWTFL program)

Last week I talked about my decision to sign up for the Faster Way to Fat Loss – a nutrition and intermittent fasting program. I did so in hopes of getting rid of the extra belly weight I was/am still carrying from Jack, decrease bloating, up my energy and sleep better (after reading this I was like sign me up!). I was so sick of making excuses for myself. I’m generally a healthy person when it comes to working out and eating but obviously something wasn’t clicking. The first morning of the program (I know a new one started yesterday and maybe a few of you signed up!) I watched Amanda’s live training intro on Facebook and was blown away by the science of intermittent fasting and how together with a whole foods diet it can really change your body. 

The program has two parts: a 16/8 intermittent fasting schedule (fasting for 16 hours, digesting for 8) and carb cycling by calculating and counting your macros. The intermittent fasting has been the easiest part for me because I have never been a huge breakfast person, I usually workout in the morning and prefer a fasted workout. Since starting I have noticed a huge difference in my body composition and appetite. The idea of intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone but she said something that really stuck with me! Your body is either in two states: digesting or healing. When you’re fasting you are allowing your cells to regenerate, only focus on healing in your body (whether that is eating fat stores, regulating your hormones and literally boosting your immune system because that is all it focuses on – healing). You can read more about it here. Do I think that it is something I can do forever? Probably not but what I love about this program is that it is easy to jump back in if you fall off the wagon. For example when we were on vacation with our friends in South Carolina, I fasted every day but I wasn’t counting my macros or carb cycling. I feel like you can take a break but after the program I have the tools I need to jump back in again! I know a lot of people tell you they have signed up for rounds 2,3, etc. but I think this is more for accountability. 

Bottom line, this program has taught me a lot about what foods to eat to feel like my best self (I’ve learned that gluten and dairy don’t really agree with me). Obviously every diet is somewhat of a lifestyle change but with My Fitness Pal I feel like you can slip things in here and there. It really is a learning experience and I’m so thankful I signed up for the program. I probably won’t be signing up for Round 2 (I am on week 6 of round 1) but I will be going forward with the diet the best that I can! 

I’m curious to know how many days you work out with your trainer on FWTFL and how many days you work out on your own. When you do workout on your own, what do those workouts look like? Thanks for sharing!

So right now I am not doing any of the workouts that come with FWTFL. I workout with my trainer Tuesdays and Thursdays and the other days I try to do cardio. Because of this I switch up my back to back low carb days to be Sunday and Monday, then I do regular macro days Tuesdays and Thursdays and then low macro days Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays are usually my heaviest cardio days so I’ll do a regular day there as well. I am pretty sure the most important part of the program is to make sure you have two low carb days back to back to put your body into a state where it is burning fat and not sugars (from carbs). When you sign up for the FTFWL you are added to a FB group where coaches can answer any specific questions you have about your days/workouts!

Curious about how you count macros? 

So I signed up for the My Fitness Pal Pro app and the pro version (I think it is $45 for the year) tracks your macros automatically. If you just download and sign up for the regular program then you’ll have to do the math to find out your macros for the day. Personally I don’t have time to calculate so I paid for the pro version so I could see/track them automatically when you enter your food. When you enter your weight and weight loss goals in the app, it automatically calculates what your macro intake should be for that day so it makes it really easy!

Would love to see a post about your “go to” lunch and dinner ideas.

Typical lunch –

Turkey lettuce wraps with mustard, cucumber and sprouts. Hardboiled eggs with veggies and hummus. Turkey sausage breakfast hash with 1 egg and spinach. Avocado toast on GG crackers with lemon juice, sliced radishes and red pepper flakes. Smoothies. Lots of salads with grilled chicken, veggies and Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dressing.

Typical dinner –

Black bean pasta with Rao’s sauce and turkey meatballs, chip-less nachos, grilled salmon and salad, bunless turkey burgers with sweet potato fries, steak salads, cauliflower fried rice (we love TJ’s!) with rotisserie chicken.

Basically minimal carbs and dairy. Take a day and calculate some of your favorites in the My Fitness Pal app to see what works! It really is like practice when it comes to calculating and tracking but eventually you figure out what days you have some wiggle room and so on. 

Are you still breast feeding? I want to start back alternate day fasting, but I don’t want to mess up my milk supply.

I am not breastfeeding but Amanda makes the program very nursing friendly! She is actually nursing her daughter right now and I recall her saying that you can break your fast early if need be and to also just do regular macro days on the low macro days. I think the most important thing is maintaining the two low carb days back to back to get your body burning fat. 

Are you hungry during that 16 hour fast? I’m such a breakfast lover and probably my healthiest meal of the day! How are your energy levels? Do you find yourself more energized or do you find yourself dragging while you’re fasting?

This question was asked over and over again. There are some days when fasting can feel like a stretch. On those days I make sure I’m drinking a ton of water (sometimes with lemon!) and I’ll have a La Croix if I really need it! I think you have to be prepared for it to be an adjustment but once you aren’t looking for breakfast, it really becomes so easy! It has been where I feel I’ve seen the biggest difference in my body and metabolism. I actually enjoy this part the most now! You’ll feel tired in the beginning but then you just kind of power through it! I enjoy my coffee with almond milk creamer and I’m good to go!

Can you touch on the carb cycling and if it’s easy to manage? I’m afraid I’ll be starving.

It is very easy to manage! The thing I love about this program is that you’re really not depriving yourself too much. You can still eat carbs on your low macro/regular macro days – just good carbs like quinoa, sweet potatoes, gluten free pasta (we love the black bean pasta). The low carb days are higher in protein and good fats. You’ll be surprised by how many carbohydrates are in the foods out eat (especially fruit – whoa). It’s like any diet in that you just have to find your new routine with it. Once you get in a groove it is easy!

How did you specifically target and tighten your stomach? I also have 2 babies and am having the hardest time with that area!

Ugh it is a constant work in progress! My trainer is brutal when it comes to abs. He destroys me 2x a week and it is probably the most I’ve dedicated to that area in my entire life. I will also attribute it to eat less gluten, dairy and sugar. One of the main reasons I signed up for this program was because it said it would help banish bloat. You can see in the second photo that I’m very bloated! I’ve seen a huge difference in the way my clothes fit since starting this program. 

Do you fast every single day? What about the days when you train in the gym? What if I work out in the morning? Typical recs are to eat and refuel after working out so how does that work with IF? Not sure I can do it on an empty stomach especially a heavy leg day. 

I really do try to fast every single day. Maybe one day a week we will grab breakfast and I’ll have something but usually I’ll just enjoy my cup of coffee while the kids eat. I have always preferred a fasted workout which is why I workout early in the morning (usually) so I am not so far into my fast. I personally don’t have an issue with a fasted workout but if you do then it is probably something you should talk to your doctor about! You can totally break your fast early (like 11am!) and then just make sure you eat an earlier dinner. Like I said, you can play around with it! I do think this program is something you have to get used to, it’s not just going to be easy day one especially if you’re a creature of habit. 

Interested in how much flexibility this allows for with a night off on the weekends? Have you cheated and how has it impacted you?

Oh yeah I’ve cheated plenty of times. To be honest, I think what this program has taught me the most is the importance of balance. I am drinking way less during the week simply because I feel good not drinking. I don’t miss it so much. FWTFL tells you to save your alcohol consumption for Saturday (what is supposed to be your regular macro/heavy leg day workout) but if it fits into your macros then go for it. The same concept of cutting out sugar basically pertains to alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of sugar and if you’re consuming it frequently then your body is burning sugars and not fat. My Fitness Pal has helped my figure out what days I can slip a glass or if it is best to save it. There are always exceptions but overall I follow the diet part as best that I can!

Do you fast religiously? Also do you only save wine/cocktails for leg day? How do you handle going out to dinner and prelogging your macros?

Honestly, I don’t really log my macros when I go out. Amanda’s rules for the program are to eat WHOLE FOODS. Meaning items that come from the ground or that has a mother – haha. It helps keep me in check when we go out! I feel like I know what I should be putting in my body where now I don’t necessarily have to enter every single little item I’m consuming (like 1/2 cup of spinach or whatever it may be). Fasting has been the part where I’ve been the most regimented (and seen/felt the biggest results) and then tracking macros is something I’m really strict on on low carb/low macro days. Regular macro days I honestly probably go under too but I try to get as close as possible. If you sign up for the program Amanda explains EVERYTHING about this in the training sessions. 

I’m curious about this program but have had a hard time distinguishing hype vs reality. Would you explain why you signed up? Was it sponsored? It seems like many bloggers are trying it and it’s hard to find feedback from non bloggers. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Not sponsored at all. I was influenced by an influencer! I saw Brooke from Somewhere Lately’s results and was blown away. I messaged her on IG and told her what I was fed up with my body and she explained everything to me. It was so helpful and really made me make the jump! From what I had heard it was a very sustainable program. It is basically everything you’ve heard about a good diet but the science and tracking behind it is so interesting. The difference in the photos above (#2 and #3) is 4 WEEKS. That’s it! I think every body type is different and what works for some may not work for others. You can read some interesting articles about Intermittent Fasting here and here