Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Checking In

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As I reevaluate my goals for 2019 (now that we are almost halfway through—what?!) I’ve been really trying to be better about providing content on my blog and social channels that feels more relevant for you. My main goal is to always be a source of inspiration, trusted guide and friend over the internet—whether I’m recommending a pair of jeans or sharing a family recipe. When I think about what I search for on the internet, I want Hello Adams Family to be that universal answer for you. From my favorite workouts, weekday meals, sleep training our boys, transitioning from one to two kidshardships, decorating an old home, sharing the glamorous life that is working from home or my everyday style – Hello Adams Family is a place to document all of those in-between moments. 

In a world where everything is kind of in your face and you constantly feel pressured to buy the newest it-shoes or the tan drops or the lash extensions, I just want to be a reminder that the fluff isn’t always important. Yes, the fluff can definitely make you happy (heyy new bag!) but little old Liz, sitting on her son’s chair in the middle of the family room with crusted snot on her shoulder, typing away at this random post is here to tell you that creating a life that makes you happy is far more important that how it looks to someone else. 

The other day I was talking to a new mom who was struggling with her new role/identity. It made me think about my transition to motherhood and how concerned I was that no one would relate to me anymore. That what I was feeling on the inside was what people would see on the outside. I felt the pressure to do more, be better than I was and it ultimately made me miss those early days with Charlie (mentally, not physically). Fast forward three years, another baby and a move to suburbia and my life couldn’t be more different than the one I left behind when I became a mom…and I LOVE IT. Dave and I mention DAILY how lucky we are that we get to live this life. Ours, no one else’s. 

When people ask me, “What’s your next step? Where do you see Hello Adams Family going? You won’t blog forever, will you?” I always say I don’t know! I don’t know what’s next because honestly, I don’t have this big ambition to be something greater than I am right now. I feel really good. If anything, I want Hello Adams Family to go beyond the computer/mobile screen in which you are reading this post. I want you to feel like you’re in the kitchen with me or you’re sitting next to me on my couch, having a glass of wine. I want you to feel like your kids are friends with mine. I want you to be our neighbors! I want our friendship to grow, to share more and know that you have a place to find support. 

So I guess this rambling post is to say thank you for your support on the quiet days, thank you for the support when I talk too much, thank you for being involved in our lives and letting us be a part of yours! I feel like I have these moments of reflection when I think about what I’m putting out into the world and want my kids to read one day. I hope they see all of the special moments and things that make us smile from these early years of life together. I pinch myself every day that I get to stand behind Hello Adams Family and say this is MINE! This is ours