Liz over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Spring Bucket List

Shop the post: Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers for Her, Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers for Him c/o Reebok

Shop the post: Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers for Her, Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers for Him c/o Reebok

Ah, Spring! You sunny, blooming, beautiful season. Actually sunny is ambitious, it’s been pretty rainy here but I am still so happy to hear the sound of birds through my window in the morning and watch our flowers grow more and more every day. I always forget how much I love this time of year, definitely a time to appreciate, re-evaluate and start fresh after a long winter (and it was the LONGEST winter). 

Dave and I were talking the other day about our goals for Spring and what we want to accomplish before summer is in full swing and our weekends fill up. Don’t you hate that about summer? One day we will use summer as an excuse to stay put and enjoy the beautiful Chicago weather. Anyways, there is so much we want to do before it gets really warm and our days are spent at the pool. We are a pretty outdoorsy family so we always like to be out and about when the weather allows. Here are a few things on our Spring to-do list:

  • take the boys to the Lincoln Park Zoo
  • run a race together (we actually did this over the weekend!) in the city.
  • get our backyard ready for summer fun! I’m ordering this and this.
  • sign Charlie up for swim lessons
  • have a sleepover in the city with the boys! Remember this?
  • more mornings walks with coffee + Webster at Fullersburg Woods
  • get ready for outdoor entertaining!

One thing’s for sure, I’m ready to shed the layers and simplify my wardrobe now that the sunshine is peeking out! Dave and I recently received these matching Club C 85 Sneakers from Reebok and we keep fighting over who gets to wear them (so we aren’t the losers who match) because they are SO COMFORTABLE. Seriously the most comfortable sneaker I own (and you all know I own a lot). To be honest, I was a little skeptical when they first arrived – maybe a little too similar to the dad trend that I can’t get on board with? – but these are a lovely mix and a new favorite! Sporty in a light way if that makes sense. I also love a good sneaker that makes me legs look long, haha. Can anyone relate? These really show off your ankle bone. So if anyone is in need of a new sneaker for Spring – these are a great option (Dave’s here). I’m all about that sneaker life and Reebok has so many fun options that are great for active lifestyles. 

What are your plans for Spring? Do you live in a place where Spring feels like summer or is it starting to get too warm to be outside? I love learning about your lives!

A huge thank you to Reebok for sponsoring this post!