Milestones over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Happy Birthday, Jack!

On November 29th, 2017 at a little after 4 pm we were blessed with our sweet Jack. 

Today our beautiful baby boy is ONE! Dear God how did that happen? Like seriously, how? You think it goes fast when you have your first baby JUST WAIT for number two. I’m sad to let this year go. I’m really feeling sad. I’m obviously so proud and excited to watch my little baby become a one-year-old but my heart aches for those early days.

There is something special about baby #2. It’s funny because I was terrified to welcome another baby into our family. How could I ever love another baby as much as Charlie? It seemed impossible yet this little boy has completely stolen my heart. Charlie made me a mom but Jack truly let me enjoy it. Not that I didn’t enjoy being a mom to just Charlie (I did!!!!!) but the first year was hard. Finding your footing, finding your confidence, trying to keep your child alive, running on exhaustion with no end in sight—my first year of motherhood was a rollercoaster of emotion. Being a “new mom” to Jack was a dream. I savored every second of his new-ness rather than wishing those early days away (and dreaming of sleep) with Charlie. With Jack, I enjoyed every minute of the midnight feedings and baby snuggles because I knew they were short-lived. His first year of life was faster than I could have ever imagined but I enjoyed every second of every stage and for that, I am so grateful. 

Jack is such a joy. I honestly couldn’t imagine a more perfect addition to our family. He is a sweet little soul who is tough but emotional. He idolizes his big brother and I can’t wait to watch their relationship continue to grow! Charlie beats on him but also protects him and it is my favorite thing to watch. I want to forever remember his buttery skin, the sweetest cheeks, his separated teeth, his old man combover and the curls at the nape of his neck. His sleepy smells, his joyous giggle, infectious smile, kind eyes, and gentle being. 

Charlie and Jack, I’m so so lucky to be your mom. We love you Baby Jack!

PS: If you’re interested I talked about transitioning from one to two kids and see Charlie’s first birthday party!

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  1. HBD Jack! He is such a cutie! I love reading about your transition from one to two. Our daughter just turned one and now we have twins due in May. I had a roughhhhh time the first 4 or 5 months of parenthood and (even though twins will bring their own set of challenges!) hearing about your experience with Jack gives me hope that I’ll better be able to appreciate the early days this time, rather than wishing them away. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh I’m totally the same with my baby Callum! The 2nd time round has been so much easier as I’m way more relaxed and more confident! He has just turned 5 months old & I can’t believe how fast his 1st year of life is going by! Jack you are so gorgeous and I hope you had the most incredible 1st birthday!