Ask Liz 20 hours ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • May 3, 2024

What do your kids usually do on a normal day after school?

Our boys are in an after school program at school and we usually pick them up around 4pm. They come home and we usually give them 30 minutes of chill time on the couch – they are really into watching “Is it Cake?” on Netflix right now, ha. Then TV is off, we do homework and then play outside, ride bikes, play sports with neighbors. I usually start cooking dinner around 5:30 while kids are playing and we all eat around 6/6:30pm. Then we take baths/showers and all watch a movie together or do puzzles or play (Charlie and Jack are obsessed with these hidden picture books right now and do competitions for at least an hour every night). We take the boys up to bed at 8pm and call it a day!

Favorite spring jacket? Tired of the trench coat and need something for chilly mornings!

Big fan of the Barbour Annandale Quilted Jacket! I’ve had mine for over 5 years.

How do you make friends as an adult? I struggle to find my people!

It’s hard! I think it is important to remember that not everyone is going to be your people and that’s okay. And even now as kids get older it still feels like priorities are shifting and friendships can fluctuate and that’s okay, too! I think the most important thing you can do is put yourself out there, stay true to yourself because what you reflect brings the type of people you want to be friends with. Remember that there is power in getting older and having boundaries for what you need. I find that volunteering at my kids school, saying hi to the people you see every day, introducing yourself, and making plans with neighbors were some of the ways that I found my people here in Charleston. Be confident in who you are and the type of friend you are to people that they will find you!

New podcast episode soon?!

So many podcast questions! I am still trying to figure this out. If you didn’t see our note we wrapped up season 1 and are figuring out plans for season 2! At the earliest it will be fall, going to take the summer off as we have so much travel. But also from a business standpoint, it is a big investment for little return. I am really trying to hone in on what is serving my business after falling into a “yes” trap post Covid/our move. Not that I don’t love the podcast and Dave and I have so much fun chatting together and sharing those real conversations with you! But if I am being honest, a small percentage of my audience actually listens. And I LOVE to serve every single one of you but if it feels more like a chore to record instead of fully enjoying it, then I’m not sure it is worth it. I want to be better about bringing Cooking with Liz back more consistently, and sharing video content and things that really fuel me creatively. We have so many great episodes that I’m so proud of!

And if we are being honest here, I don’t feel guilty about it. I’ve spent so many years of my business worrying about the negative comments and disappointment and I’ve realized that social media will always be hard on you or look at shifts as “failures.” But careers are filled with shifts and trials and pivots, all leading to growth and honing in on your skills. Where would we be if we didn’t try something new and see how it made us feel or if it satisfied a niche in our business/our customer base? I guess all that to say is that I’m learning that it’s okay to try something new and decide that maybe it’s not for you. Or maybe it doesn’t fit into your business right now!

But thank you for all the love and support on the podcast! I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂

How did you know you were truly done at 3 kids? Do you ever wish for more?

I would have maybe gone for the 4th up until George turned two and then all of a sudden I felt like our family was complete. I was still sort of living in baby bliss before then but honestly I really enjoyed pregnancy/labor and I feel like I would maybe never have a shut off from that standpoint? But when it came to feeling settled in our family I felt really complete when George didn’t feel like a baby anymore. Now I am so grateful with where we are and having our three boys and envisioning the future with them. It is getting really fun and is starting to feel more balanced and I feel very settled in the life that God planned for us! Also short story, 3 was always my number. It was never really about “going for the girl” even through having three of the same sex sort of made me consider it? I felt very complete with three!

How has laser hair removal been?

Ugh I need to go back and get more! I think I did 6 sessions and they recommended 7 or 8. It is definitely almost gone but lingers.

First time baby due any day and I’m really anxious about blowing up our lives. Any advice?

I think you can be anxious about it but how does that serve you, you know? It’s a big change, the biggest ever but it’s happening! And you’re here! And it’s what you wanted! And it is going to be everything and more. I always try to reframe the anxiousness to think about how everything happens for a reason, at certain times in our lives. Don’t dwell on the change, focus on all the wonderful ways your life is going to change in this new phase of life!

Where do you go for your botox in Charleston?

Cameo Facial Aesthetics.

I know you and your siblings are super close, but what do you think specifically about the 5 year gap between your sister and brother. Worried about a bigger gap!

It is great! My mom always said how much she loved the gap. She had a late miscarriage and a health scare in between having my brother and sister and had to wait two years to get pregnant again (hence the gap). She was worried at first but she always talks about how she loved my sister and my ages when my brother was born because we were so helpful and it was fun and the baby experience was totally different. My brother mentions that he feels like we didn’t get super close until after I graduated college (because I was gone for his late elementary/middle school days) but we are all very very close now.

You’re always dressed so cute! How do you do it and the momming? I feel like my outfits are too restrictive or get so dirty!

That’s nice but I promise for every cute outfit you see I’m also wearing mismatched pajamas with no bra and peanut butter hand prints all over it. But, it does make me feel better to get dressed in the morning! Especially working from home, but also I feel like I would do this if I was just a stay at home mom, too, I need to get dressed to define my days a little bit. And I don’t worry about stuff getting dirty. I want to wear my clothes! Not just for special occasions. It makes my mundane days feel a little more purposeful/special, too!

Best part about living in Charleston?

The weather and being near the ocean!

Death row meal?! App, entree with sides, and dessert!

Ohhh good question! App would be burrata with simmered tomatoes, good olive oil, salt and crusty bread. Dinner would be a classic cheeseburger with mayonnaise and pickles and crisp lettuce and american cheese with really thin french fries and a light salad on the side. Dessert would be vanilla frozen yogurt with crumbled oreos and carmel on top. YUMMMM.

How do you maintain your hair/frizz with the humidity in Charleston? What products do you use for some volume/natural look?

Oh my gosh I don’t! My hair actually hates product. I have a few I use when my hair is air drying but otherwise products usually don’t agree with my scalp and I get build up. But I do love Virtue’s Unfrizz Cream. I’ll put it on the bottom half of my hair before I blow dry and then add a little more just on the ends once it is dry. For air dried hair I use Ouai Air Dry Foam and Kristen Ess Air Dry Cream.

You’ve been to a few beautiful spots in the Caribbean with the kids. What’s the best?

Turks & Caicos is probably my personal favorite! Also love Harbour Island.

Did you get any pushback from family/friends when you decided to move to Charleston?

No push back! Some sadness, yes. But in general everyone was excited for us!