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Our Family Vacation to Harbour Island

We just got home from a little family vacation to Harbour Island and I’m so excited to share the details with you! This was actually only our second time to the island and if I’m completely honest, wasn’t even somewhere on my radar when we lived in Chicago. I’ve noticed that there is a big draw there from the Charleston area and have learned so much about it from friends who enjoy going often with their own families. So I am lucky enough to have close friends who have showed us the ropes. Dave and I visited for the first time in May of 2022, you can read about that trip here. This trip was different because we brought our kids but honestly Harbour Island is the perfect destination for everyone.

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What I personally love about Harbour Island is that it is small and quiet. There aren’t huge resorts, the island itself isn’t crazy busy. It is sort of this sleepy little spot with delicious restaurants, hotels with impeccable interiors, beautiful and well-thought-out shops, and just so much opportunity for fun. Everyone that lives there is kind and laid back and it just sort of feels like time stands still and everything is meant to be enjoyed. We enjoyed ourselves as couples just as much as we enjoyed ourselves with kids.

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The travel day is fairly easy. When you’re traveling from Charleston you’re going to have to connect no matter what, so we connected through Atlanta and then flew to North Eleuthera. I find Atlanta much easier than Miami when it comes to customs and immigration in my opinion! The flights are short and totally bearable with kids. When you land in Eleuthera, you go through customs and take a short 2 minute taxi to the water taxi. You’ll need to have cash for both of these! I think it is $5/person for each. The water taxi is maybe 7 mins long and takes you right to Harbour Island! If you rent a golf cart they will most likely already have it waiting for you at the marina but otherwise there are taxis available to get you where you need to go. It’s a small island and they really make it easy! Because the only car ride for us was a short taxi to the water taxi (same on the return maybe 4 minutes in the car total), we did not bring a carseat for George. We just had him on our laps and then if we went out with the kids we rode the golf cart or walked. Obviously do whatever you’re comfortable with! But just being honest about what we did here.

We stayed at a property called At Ease which we rented on our own 4-5 months ago with some family friends. It is absolutely beautiful! The house is within walking distance to the beach and has its own pool and outdoor space. It was nice and quiet and also perfect for two families. We loved it! The owners were also very accommodating and helpful. We definitely took advantage of the add ons just to make life easier with our stay. But there are so many incredible home rental options on the island if you decide you don’t want to stay at a resort (The Dunmore was incredible for Dave and I also want to stay at Bahamas House – but renting a house is ideal for kids). When you drive around town it is house after house with the cutest names and I’ve had many friends rent all over the island. At Ease was a little down the road from downtown (where as my friend Chassity’s house – Coral House – is a block to restaurants and such!) but the island is so small and you can get anywhere with a quick golf cart ride.

We brought a babysitter on this trip which we’ve never done before but it was a GAMECHANGER. Especially with George (we brought our weekday sitter) and the ability to have adult meals at night. We had an extra room in the house because we had George sleep in the room with us and it felt like a good opportunity to take advantage of. So the kids were worn out by the end of the day and the adults rallied for dinner 3 of the 4 nights we were there. Our sitter also hung out with George while we did our boat day which was so helpful.

Lets talk about the boat day really quick! We booked through Tyman Charters which Megan had recommended! They were really great. Ty knew all of the great places to go for the prettiest views and fun spots for the kids (like Pig Island!). A huge plus is that he documents the entire day on his Go-Pro and the photos and video are unbelievable! And it really allows you to take it all in. The sea turtles, sandbars, water…everything was a dream. It was a special day! Topped off with homemade lobster salad sandwiches that he made for us from fresh caught lobster.

For meals you can’t miss:

Cocoa Coffee House – we grabbed coffee here every morning and they also have delicious smoothies,acai bowls, croissants, bagels and more. Great for those quick, early mornings!

The Dunmore – prettiest setting and freshest food. Get their poke bowl!

Da Vine Sushi and Wine Bar – some of the top 5 best sushi I’ve ever had. I’m picky and it is unreal.

The Landing – great vibes, food and bar. They also have a great brunch menu and is easy for kids!

Ocean View Club – one of my favorites but not always easy to get into! They don’t seat a ton of groups because of their kitchen it seems. So make reservations ahead! But this hotel is CHIC.

Blue Bar at Pink Sands Resort – great lunch spot! Easy for kids because it is all outdoors on the beach.

Latitude 25 at Coral Sands Resort – another great lunch spot right on the beach!

*quick note to say that although we brought a babysitter, most of these places are fabulous with kids. I would say The Dunmore and the Ocean View Club were our nicest dinners but I still saw kids there! The entire island is very accommodating to families and so wonderful/kind with kids.

I think that is everywhere we’ve been! They also have some amazing little roadside spots. Walking around town is so enjoyable because you stumble upon the cutest little shops filled with beautiful discoveries, fine jewelry and clothing. They have a small grocery store on the island with essentials, produce and more. It is perfect and would have everything you need to stock your house for the kiddos!

What I love most about Harbour Island is that it isn’t over crowded. You’re not seeing these jam-packed resorts on the beach or masses of people taking up space. There are moments where you walk the beach and you feel like you’re the only person there. It has this untouched magic to it and I already can’t wait to go back with my kids.

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If you have any specific questions or there is anything I missed feel free to leave it in the comment section and I’ll go in and answer!