Recipes 9 months ago by Liz Adams

My Post Workout Protein Smoothie

I love a smoothie. One, they are a quick and filling meal and two, they are easy to clean up and don’t require a bunch of dishes to clean. I’ve been on a post workout smoothie kick lately and this one is limited ingredients but BIG flavor. Plus, it gives you everything you need to fuel you up and keep you full for awhile. So whether it is a meal or a snack, you can count on lots of protein and energy.

Two items you should snag from Amazon – Orgain Vanilla Protein Powder and the OG Blender Bomb (they have a bunch of flavors but I think this one goes with the most). I can’t make a smoothie without them! Find more of my Amazon Food Favorites here.

My Post Workout Protein Smoothie

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (more if needed)
1 banana
1 handful of spinach
2 scoops of Orgain Vanilla Protein Powder
OG Blender Bomb
handful of ice

Blend together until smooth! I like to add a little more ice after one blend for a thicker smoothie. Top with cinnamon (optional) and enjoy!

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