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Family Favorite Protein Smoothie Recipe

Our family loves a good smoothie! We make them almost every morning for breakfast and I swear one of the only reasons Charlie agrees to go to the gym is because he knows we will make a smoothie once we are home! Although my kids are pretty good eaters they definitely don’t always get enough veggies, protein and other good things on a daily basis. Making this smoothie brings me comfort that their little bellies are full of good things. 

(Charlie always insists that he try it first and then if he gives the thumbs up we can all drink ours – ha!)

So we call this our chocolate peanut butter smoothie because that’s exactly what it tastes like (although it’s green from the spinach but that gives off zero taste!). We use a chocolate protein powder, PB powder and a superfood powder packed with fruit, veggies and more. Here is what we you’ll need:

Family Friendly Protein Smoothie Recipe


almond milk
1-2 bananas (ideally frozen)
2 handfuls of fresh spinach
1 scoop of protein powder
2 scoops of PB powder
1 scoop of superfood 
3-4 dashes of cinnamon

What to do:

Add all solid ingredients to the blender and then fill blender with almond milk until it covers 1/2 of the contents (you can always add more if needed). Top with 6 ice cubes and blend! Serve in kid proof/spill proof cups like this or this!

Charlie and Jack love this smoothie so much and I love that it is packed with good things for my boy! Plus, Dave and I love this too! Kid approved, family approved (: