Self Love about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

Where We Are

It has been a while since I sat down to write a blog post about feelings. Ha! And honestly, I had to look through my wellness archives because more often than not these posts can get repetitive. When I asked what you all wanted to see from me this summer, I had a few people ask about accepting the “looseness” of summer while also feeling behind or like you’re not doing enough. So I thought about that.

I’ve changed in the past couple of years. And obviously, my situation is different because I work for myself, I get to set expectations and boundaries for my business/life. In the past year (especially since having George), my business has taken a back seat to mothering and managing a household. Instead of feeling like I’m not doing enough or either of my jobs “well,” I’ve sort of settled into really enjoying the pull of both. So much so that I’ve realized how content I can be in the chaos of life and work if I learn to just accept it for what it is and know that every day (for the most part), I show up the best that I can.

And I’ve really let go of comparison. Feeling like my life isn’t as beautiful as others that I see on Instagram, or I’m not cooking enough meals or growing my businesses or hustling or whatever other negative feelings I used to get from social media. I don’t feel that any more. Because I feel validated in the happiness my kids wake up with every single day, spending more dedicated time with them, sharing what really feels valuable to me – with you. I’ve cut out the fluff and really just focused on the joy. Fewer, better – right?

And again, I am not reporting to a corporate job every day but I have no doubt that if you’re in a career that you love and a job that you respect and people respect you, that anyone would appreciate boundaries that you set for yourself. Everyone deserves to live their life, first. And will it always be like this or is it a summer mindset taking over – I don’t know? But I think I want this mindset to be permanent. Because I think that it took me a long time (at the ripe age of 35, ha!) to realize that there is no end game here. There is just life.

I am not striving to be the best of the best in my industry. Hello Adams Family and my Instagram and our private Facebook Group, all of it is meant to encourage you to be happy right where you are. To not constantly be seeking something greater, but instead open your eyes to how wonderful life can be right now if you just give yourself the chance to enjoy it. And I can write these posts over and over but I think in sharing these daily moments that are unbranded, unfiltered, inconsistent and messy – I’ve learned how beautiful and ON BRAND they are for me. Honestly, thank you for letting me get to this point. It took me many years of feeling like the images weren’t pretty enough to realize how much I love the images of my life.

So I say enjoy the looseness of summer! Give yourself a break. Take a deep breath. Sit in the grass. Take off your shoes. Let your hair air dry. Get a sun tan. Go for a walk without music or a podcast or a book. Listen to the sounds of the world around you. Watch the wind blow through the trees. Get dirty. Skip bath time. Sit on the couch. Let your kids watch iPads. Clean the kitchen tomorrow. Wear mismatched pajamas. Eat the fucking cookie. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Let yourself be a child, too. Be adventurous. Ask for alone time. Book the babysitter. Get your kids the happy meal. Close your eyes. Breathe in the air. Feel still right where you are.