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Coffee with Liz • June 24, 2022

With warmer weather year-round in Charleston, has your quality of life increased? Do you and your family feel happier given you can be outside more than you could when you lived in Chicago?

I would definitely say YES!

What have you been struggling with lately? Big or small!

Hmmm – big, probably balance. I think working in this industry is a constant reminder of how much or how little you’re doing. Like you sort of feel like if you’re not doing it, then someone else will. And for so long that sense of urgency was a driver to encourage me to keep going and pushing and creating more, more, more. But I am feeling this internal pull to not. To just live and be and I just don’t really care about what is going on around me anymore. I feel like the older my kids get the more I realize how fast time is going by and I know what will be, will be. I don’t feel this rush to constantly DO. But at the same time, it is our livelihood so like, I need to keep going. Ha! I think the slower summer pace is a welcome shift in my life right now.

Small, and this is totally superficial. But I don’t think I should have gotten the lip flip (which I did when I got botox a couple weeks ago!). My already “dead lip” (as Dave calls it), which is pretty relaxed anyways now feels super relaxed and I see my smile change and the way I talk. It is completely temporary and I know that it will go away but right now I feel a little uncomfortable with it. Hoping I just need to get used to it!

My son is turning 4 at the end of this month…any good gift suggestions that your boys have really loved?? My son likes trucks, dinosaurs, sports, Magna-tiles, etc. But we have so much of the standard stuff! Maybe a good summer toy?

Our kids love their Micro scooters! It is one of our favorite gifts to give, too. Jack has rode this one since he was 2.5!

Did you ever feel a little sad when you decided not to have any more kids, even though you were confident in the decision? My husband and I decided 3 kids are best for us, so we won’t be trying for a 4th, but I feel so emotional about leaving the “growing our family” years behind. I wasn’t totally expecting to feel so emotional, wondering if you ever felt the same?

Yes, completely. I still feel sad thinking I’ll never be pregnant again (even though no part of me wants to be, ha). But I think you need to look at this new stage of “growing your family” as nurturing, teaching, leading and watching them grow. I would say that is even a bigger responsibility than creating. Dave and I had a little scare back in December and I went through all of the emotions that George wouldn’t be the baby of the family, I barely had enough time to dedicate enough love to all of my kids, etc. etc. It was a reminder that we are right where we need to be. I think we will always mourn the early years, it is part of who we are. But the next phases of life are just as wonderful.

How did you know Dave was the one?

I don’t know if there was a specific moment where I knew, I just knew by the way I felt. And we had great communication and conversation and we were very open with each other. We were together for 4 years before getting engaged and almost 6 years before we had Charlie. At that point I just knew that whatever life threw at us we could do it together.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory? Love seeing your boys enjoying Chicago summer!

Good question! I don’t know if I have specific moments that stand out but more like traditions – going to Kansas for Thanksgiving every year to see my grandmother, going to Canada with my dad in the summers on a fishing trip (just us), swim team, walking to get ice cream with my parents and siblings, playing in the field across the street from our house. Small moments that feel like big moments now.

How do you entertain the kids on travel days?

Snacks, iPads, incentives for good behavior (like a McDonalds happy meal for dinner!) and random hidden activities that they don’t know about that I usually pull out when shit is hitting the fan (like sticker books or new markers and notepads).

How did you know you were ready for kids?

No particular moment. Dave and I knew we wanted a family and it just felt like a natural time to start! I would say you are never, ever ready. Like never even ready when you get pregnant the second time. But timing has always worked out for us and I’m grateful for that.

Do you mind sharing links to the backyard toys you have for the boys? Giant beach ball, sprinkler, slide?

This is the beachball sprinkler my kids have fun with it and this is the newer version of our water slide park (basically the same, ours is just a few years old and a little different)!

Do you worry about your kids meeting milestones? My first is 18 months.

Yes and no. With George it is like I have forgotten everything. But he is a little delayed with his motor skills. I know he will get there but I feel like I am more aware of it when we visit the pediatrician or he is around other kids his age. I am truly not worried about it long term but I know it is something that I’ll have to stay on top of. Charlie did speech therapy for a year when he was 3 so it is nothing new! My biggest advice is to be an advocate for your child if you are concerned.

What is George’s schedule like lately? What does he eat? I have a boy who is the same age, so I’m curious!

We are currently reworking his nap schedule as he dropped a nap but still prefers to nap in the mornings. Working on pushing it more into the middle of the day! But his typical schedule is:

6:30am – wakeup + bottle
8/8:30am – breakfast
9:30am – nap
11:30/12 – wakeup
12 – lunch
2:30pm – bottle/snack
4:45/5pm – dinner
6:30pm – sleep

For breakfast we do a variation of: scrambled eggs, toast with peanut butter, fruit, applegate sausage
For lunch and dinner we do variations of: turkey, avocado, cheese puffs, fruit, cucumbers, frozen peas, black beans, kid fresh turkey meatballs, dr. praegers broccoli and spinach littles, cottage cheese
*we also offer him random snacks throughout the day like string cheese, puffs, apple sauce, peanut butter, etc.

Or he will eat whatever we are having! We just sort of throw things at him and see what takes but this is generally what he eats at home!

Any suggestions for outfits to wear for newborn photos? I need something forgiving that fits my breastfeeding boobs!

I love this Baybala dress! And they have the sweetest matching outfit ideas for your little if you need inspo.

What are your go-to household cleaning supplies?

I use a lot of Puracy and 7th Generation. Also these Magic Eraser dupes are used daily in our house!

Do you have a top skincare product that has made the biggest difference in your skin?

Hmm – probably the M-61 PowerGlow Peel Pads, Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum or Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum.

How is dog training going?

Good! Bear is a good boy. He still has his sharp little puppy teeth and love to chew on things which is our biggest battle. His accidents in the house are fewer (and usually our fault with not taking him out on time) and we are getting in a groove! I don’t know if we will do a formal training when he gets a little older? We haven’t really discussed our long term game plan!

What is your relationship like with your brother and sister?

We are very very close! My sister and I are 2.5 years apart and my brother and I are 7.5 years apart. We all have our own relationships and are very close together. Our family in general is very close, we talk everyday.

I want to splurge on a designer wallet? Any suggestions?

I love the solid GG Marmont wallets! Classic black is gorgeous and timeless.

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