Ask Liz over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • April 8, 2022

How/when did you transition Charlie and Jack to sleeping in the same room? I want to move our 2 girls in together at some point but am so nervous about them disturbing each other.

When Jack turned 3 we put them in the same room. Charlie was 5 and they did so great! There were a few days of transition, like always, but they would talk to each other and fall asleep easily. I think it is a comfort for them to be together. Now they always share a room wherever we go, even if we have space for them to spread out. They love sharing a room so much and it is really sweet.

What are your top buys from the Sephora sale?

I already placed an order and I’m excited to try this Clarins Depuffing Mask, Rare Beauty Melting Blush and Rose Inc. Luminous Skin Tint. But a few tried and true favorites – Sobel Bio Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream (SO GOOD), Sunday Riley Good Genes, Ilia Multi-Sticks, anything from Necessarie and Virtue Unfrizz Cream.

If you were getting married in October in downtown Chicago, what would you do for your bridesmaids’ dresses?? I love black but can’t decide if it’s too trendy/modern! Btw was inspired by your dress for my own wedding gown! Can’t wait to wear it!

Aww yay! I would probably still do the color I chose (it was called rhubarb, you can see photos of our wedding here) or maybe a sage green!

With COVID and working from home the past two years, I haven’t bought myself a new bag or purse in forever. What styles are you loving right now? I could use a large tote-style bag for carrying kid stuff and going to the gym as well as a smaller one for shopping, like a crossbody (if those are still cool) or something else easy to carry.

I love my Naghedi tote (I have the medium size and love this MIST color). It is the best tote for kid stuff, running around, gym bag – everything bag! A big I realllllly love and feel like it is so classic, appropriate for everything, can be worn as a handbag or crossbody – the Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag. Timeless!

Have you been happy with your Botox results? I can’t decide if I should do it or not.

So happy! You can read my Botox review here. Now it is starting to wear off and I can’t wait to get it again!

How do you pick yourself up when you are having an off day?

I spend some time alone! I usually feel like my off-days are triggered by outside influence so I try to reconnect with myself when I’m feeling off.

What is the nude bra that Dave says you wear every day (ha!)? I need a new one!

Haha Harper Wilde Base bra! The best!!

I love your blog and the community you have created, I read the blog and am a member of your Facebook group. You always keep it real! While I love following along, I am 26 and suuuuper single with no kids anywhere on the horizon. Do you have any blogger friends or connections who have also formed a community and are in a similar stage of life? I’d love your suggestions for ladies who share about how to make friends in a new city, recipes for one, how to date (it’s rough out here), etc. The more community we can all create the better!

Yes! Merritt Beck (she has an amazing podcast!), Grace Atwood + Meghan Donovan are all great follows!

What kind of room setup do you usually look for when traveling with a family? Multiple rooms or just two beds?

Multiple rooms. Hotels aren’t really an option for us right now unless we get adjoining rooms. But in an ideal world we would have a separate room for George and Charle and Jack. It doesn’t always work out that way, usually we will share a room with Charlie and Jack but George needing a crib that is separate from where we sleep can make single hotel rooms hard. I usually call when booking a hotel and ask a million questions about the bathroom + closet sizes where a pack n play could fit. But if we can find a condo or house option, that would be ideal.

I’m pregnant for the first time and it’s more anxiety-provoking than I thought? Tips?

I get it! And I don’t know if it helps but just know that you’ll never really ever be totally prepared. It is just a learning process as you go. But I would say self care, letting yourself feel all the feels and taking time to enjoy the process. I think when you’re pregnant, you’re constantly looking ahead at the fact that you are bringing a baby into the world, and you forget to acknowledge the process that is pregnancy. Appreciate your body, be present in the situation! It is life changing in the most wonderful way.

How did you and Dave prepare your boys for new siblings?

In no particular way, we just showered them with lots of love and talked about our family growing as a whole. We also talked about roles and being a sibling. Every new addition to the family comes with an adjustment and you just all go through it together!

What are your favorite comfy shoes that go with everything?

Probably my Everlane Forever sneakers in white! So so comfy, currently on sale for $45!

Any plans for Easter? Recipes you are planning to make, etc?

We will be traveling home from Spring Break on Easter Sunday (and we get home late), so sadly no! But if I were cooking I would probably make beef tenderloin with this spring jalapeño herb sauce and I make this easy angel food cake every Easter!

What is your connection to Kansas? Is your family from there?

Yes! My dad grew up in a tiny town in Central Kansas called Ellsworth. My grandparents lived there until they passed away, my dad and brother both went to Kansas State University and we have just always had very strong roots there. 5 years ago my dad bought some property in the Flint Hills and last year they built a house there.

What is your go-to karaoke song?

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now, I don’t know why because it is so hard.

What are some of the top baby items you used in the last year with George?

Baby Brezza, Nuna Demi Grow Stroller + Pipa Carseat, Stokke Clikk High Chair, Hatch Sound Machine + Vava Baby Monitor.

What is your favorite thing about your current season of life?

Oh – I welcome this question so hard right now. Especially because I’ve been feeling like we are in a hard(ish) season of life with our kids. I’ve been really struggling with balance, finding time to invest in friendships, like there is so much I want to do for my business but I’m coming up short, feeling exhausted and run down, feeling like George is so active now and it’s a lot.

BUT, the power of rephrasing the question!! Because if I think about it, my favorite thing about this season of life is how much I’ve also been ENJOYING LIFE. Going out to lunch with Dave, spending time outside with my family, reading a book, saying yes to another glass of wine, not worrying about making a home cooked meal every night. Life is slower here and I am embracing it. Not putting so much pressure on performance in all areas of my life. Instead, living in the moment and being present. It feels like despite this feeling in the back of my mind, telling me that I need to step it up, I’ve sort of just chosen to give myself a break. So I would say there is beauty in this transformation that is allowing me to reframe my mind. To push the pressure away and live.

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