Wellness over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

My Workout + Meal Plan • Week of August 30, 2021

Back with another weekly meal plan! I was sort of in vacation mode with my parents visiting last week so this week is all about staying on track and feeling good about my daily choices. Again, this is just a starting point for you! Feel free to cook with me, workout with me or make it your own! It’s okay to move around days, go out to eat when you planned to cook at home or ditch your workout for wine with friends. It’s ALL OK!

I had some questions about the type of strength training workouts I do! Two of my favorites include:

Heather Robertson videos on Youtube

The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup

Both are fun and there are so many videos to choose from! Usually I’ll throw in a 10-12 minute ab or arm workout after I do cardio at home. I also love Heather’s Tabata and HIIT 30-40 minute workouts and Megan’s dance cardio classes! My body responds well when my workouts change a lot and these help me not get bored when it comes to exercise.

Cook with us this week!

Dressed Up Chicken

Skinny Pepper Nachos

Turkey Burgers

Homemade Pizzas (have fun with this!)

Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken

I hope you have a great week + hellllllo September!!

Download a blank weekly wellness plan for yourself here (jpeg) or here (pdf)!