Recipes over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

HAF Grocery List

Putting together a shopping list is hard! Meal planning has never been my strong suit so shopping for the entire week in one go is not always the case for me. So fair warning, THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION. This isn’t based on this week’s meal plan, this is based on the number of meals I can throw together with these items on hand. My goal at the beginning of the week is to have as many FRESH items available as possible. I really stock up on produce and high quality meats. From there, I will add on things like pastas, lunch meat, cheeses, dairy products but this list usually rotates by a few items here and there. Also, there are many items on this list that last longer than a week in our home so I recommend using this as a starting off point. I think this is a great list to get your family’s breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table and feel good about it.

When it comes to produce – I start with lettuces like mixed greens, arugula, romaine, spinach then herbs and veggies. These honestly change weekly because sometimes I’m feeling broccoli, sometimes I’m feeling peppers. It varies! Same with fruit – I stick to the basics but then dabble in items like peaches, pears and clementines, too. So again, use this as inspo and see what you’re feeling.

That being said, there are a lot of items that I keep in stock to help support these meals. We also have a few items on our list that we just buy every time one of us makes a run to the grocery story (like lemons + limes or bananas – never enough!). I put these together in a list so you can cross reference and see what you may need to add to your pantry.

You can browse our recipes to get a better idea of what we like to cook during the week! So many great meals for families.