Holidays over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Holiday Inspiration from Years Past to Help You Celebrate at Home

new holiday traditions to start with your family
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2020 holiday plans look a little different this year. We will be celebrating at home just the four of us as we wait for baby and I almost feel more pressure to make this year feel extra special for my boys. Maybe because the majority of the duties are on Dave and I since we won’t be celebrating with extended family? Either way, I’m trying to take full responsibility and make it feel just as special!

From setting the table for the four of us, spending days in the kitchen cooking with Charlie, setting up Christmas movie marathons and bringing the festive indoors with something sparkly. I plan to relish this season despite being at home! It’s not about what’s under the tree, it’s about the memories you make with your family and I feel that even more this year. I wanted to share some posts from year’s past that may inspire your holidays at home. And remind you that just because 2020 isn’t the holiday season we envisioned, it can still feel just as full and magical!

setting the table this holiday season

last minute outfit inspiration to add some festive flare to your holidays at home

the easiest breakfast casserole to make on Christmas morning!

memories of what holidays will look like again! our holiday party last year was such a special night – I can’t wait to do this again soon!

the BEST COOKIE RECIPE EVER! I’m making these with Charlie and Jack this weekend and I can’t wait.

Some of my favorite posts over the years include the little things that we do, mindless but magical, that make this time of year so special. I wish we could all be together to cheers a bubbly glass of champagne but we will set our hopes high for 2021! xoxo