Kids over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

My Must-Have Products for Newborns

Shop this post: No. 1 Boppy Nursing Pillow // No. 2 Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles // No. 3 Medela Pump and Save Breastmilk Bags // No. 4 Newborn Romper // No. 5 Hatch Night Light // No. 6 Breastfeeding Bottles // No. 7 Haakaa Manual Breast Pump // No. 8 BIBS Pacifier // No. 9 Bamboo Burp Cloths // No. 10 Frida Baby Nasal Aspirator // No. 11 Happiest Baby Swaddle // No. 12 Tubby Todd The Essentials Gift Set // No. 13 Babybjorn Bouncer // No. 14 Formula Dispenser Machine // No. 15 Haakaa Breast Pump Stopper // No. 16 Deluxe+ DockATot // No. 17 Keekaroo Peanut Changer // No. 18 Luxe Baby Blanket

It’s amazing how much changes with each pregnancy. Items that I’m sure felt essential with Charlie aren’t even available anymore! New items have replaced old favorites and I’m slowly assembling the things I may need for baby #3. Long story short, you don’t need as much as you think. If I’ve learned anything in motherhood it’s that babies are so different and sometimes it takes trial and error to figure out what soothes them, what they prefer and beyond. I have ordered a few new items and few trusted favorites this time around so let’s talk about them!

However you decide to feed your baby, I wanted to share some favorites:

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags – great for pacifiers, pumping parts, bottles and more!

Medela Pump & Save Breast Milk Storage Bags – I used these with both boys and they are great!

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump – from what I’ve heard this is the new must have item since having Jack! Since I plan to have the baby home with me (with no plans to be away), I’ve heard that this can take the place of pumping by catching the let down from the breast you’re not feeding from! It shouldn’t replace a full pumping session if you’re away from baby but no more wasted milk! I plan to use once my milk comes in and I’ll report back.

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle – recommended by my friend Kate from Bumble Baby! You don’t have to use the green insert (which honestly, Dr. Brown’s bottles have always overwhelmed me with all the parts) so less maintenance but I like that you have the option if baby is gassy! Kate also recommended these so I’m going to test out both and see what baby prefers!

Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser – apparently this is the Keurig of prepping formula bottles! It makes a warm formula bottle instantly! Both of my boys have had formula so although I haven’t purchased this yet it will probably be ordered soon!


BabyBjorn Bouncer – by far my most used chair with Jack! I love that it can easily float between rooms, it folds down easily for travel, it grows with baby and I swear they all love it!

Keekaroo Peanut Changer – we desperately needed a new changing pad after Charlie and Jack used the same one and a few friends have said this is a great option.

Dock-A-Tot – I think this came out right when I had Jack but since we used the Snoo for sleep (we plan to use it again, read my review here) I didn’t think it was needed! This time around, three boys seems like a lot of activity and I want to spot where baby feels stable and contained if we are bouncing from room to room. How pretty are these prints??

Boppy Nursing Pillow – a staple with all of my babies so far AND this doubles as a great booty support when you’re sore after labor, ha. I sat on this thing a lot when I needed a lift!


Little Giraffe Blankets – Charlie and Jack love their LG blankets that they have had from day one! An investment but so lush and soft.

Tubby Todd Essentials – one of our favorite bath/body brands for baby! Their All Over Ointment is a miracle worker and their baby wash smells dreamy.

BIBS Pacifiers – I’ve been told that these are the best of the best and designed as the most natural way for babies to self soothe. I stocked up!

Burp Cloths – stocked up on favorites here and here!

The early days require very little – I rely on diapers, wipes, blankets, swaddles and necessary feeding things! Remember, you’ve got this mamas!

I created an entire Amazon shop dedicated to my newborn essentials (with more coming I’m sure!). If you have any other products that you loved, please leave your suggestions in the comments!