Holidays over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Second Annual HAF Holiday Party!!

(my Dave, my rock and guiding light through everything. I love you!)

(left: the girls of Bumble Baby! right: the girls of Alice + Wonder!)

(the lovely ladies of Equilibria!)

(this is how I looked and felt all night!! big cheese smiles!)

(Bonnie, Anna and Jess!)

(Sarah of Exchange 312!)

(my sweet assistant Carolyn who I adore more than words and who keeps this ship running! Carolyn, I’d be lost without you!!)

Feeling all of the feels after seeing photos and video from our second annual holiday party! What an amazing night!! Last year I wanted to do something to give back to all of you who support me and my corner of the internet. It started as a silly little idea but our first holiday party was such a success that we knew we had to be bigger and better for round two! I am continuously blown away by what this space has created for so many. Whether it’s help deciding on a dinner recipe, finding support in our private Facebook group, looking for outfit advice, getting inspired for your next workout, just needing a friend or whatever it may be – I’m so grateful that you are here and you feel a sense of community. Finding community and really defining the purpose of Hello Adams Family was my goal for 2019 and I have to say, as we enter a new decade I’m feeling so proud of all that we accomplished this past year. You all are the true purpose for every post, every photo, ever conversation. Every thing that goes into this site and my platforms is because of the support, feedback and love that you give to me every day. So I just want to say thank you for letting me create a place that feels like home, that lets me be me and talk about the things that I want to talk about, that supports you and that is such a bright spot in my day and life. This party was for all of you, even the ones that couldn’t be there! This was for you. 

We hosted our HAF Holiday Party at Exchange 312 which is the most beautiful event space created by Matt Woodburn and Sarah Neukom, two rockstars in the production space here in Chicago. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect space for our party! Located on Division Street in Wicker Park and a seriously cool venue. Thank you Exchange 312! Can’t recommend this space enough.

I knew I wanted to cater the event this year and have it really feel like a PARTY so I called one of my favorite catering companies, Truffleberry Market and they blew it out of the water. From the over the top charcuterie spread, the branding that went behind their food presentations (I mean, they ‘elfed’ our entire family!), the signature cocktail our of an ornament and their impeccable service. I’ve worked with them many times (my family has used them for engagement parties, birthday parties and beyond) and they are phenomenal. So innovative, so creative, so so delicious. Thank you, Truffleberry team!!

Because we had such a fun event space this year, I thought it would be fun to bringing in some of my favorite local brands for a little shopping experience given the holiday season. These 4 brands are absolutely fabulous (and you’ll all recognize their names because I talk about them a lot):

Equilibria Woman: My favorite CBD brand and just overall favorite people. So grateful to have them at our event! I loved seeing so many women learning about their products, trying the products and chatting CBD (because you all know how much I rave about the effects they have had on me!). Remember you can use code lizadams for 20% off your purchase!

Dana Rebecca: My favorite delicate jewelry and a brand I’ve worn for years and years. Dana’s pieces are so incredibly stunning and I know so many of you had fun trying on and purchasing her products. A special gift for sure!!

Alice + Wonder: One of my favorite boutiques in Chicago filled with amazing gift ideas, fashion items and just pretty fun things. I know her Chicago pieces were a hit that night and for good reason!

Bumble Baby: Kate is one of my childhood friends and I’m so proud of all that she has accomplished with Bumble Baby. She is basically a ‘mom coach’ – certified sleep consultant, NICU nurse, certified CPR instructor, breastfeeding counselor and basically that ultimate resource for moms everywhere. I’m so proud of her! She came with some of the amazing services she offers to moms and her favorites from Beautycounter!

The night was seriously a dream. I kept looking around the room and thinking how lucky I am to have this group of friends who I felt like I had known forever. My goal was to hug every single one of you and I think I accomplished it! The party was from 6-9pm and I think the last of us left at 10:30, we didn’t want it to end. Thank you to everyone who made it such a success and thank you for all of you who came with bells on, ready to celebrate the season and ready to meet new friends with big smiles on your faces. Thank you for your continued support over the years. 2020 will be 9 years of blogging. It feels surreal to think about all that has come from a risky decision to leave my job and write about my life on the internet. What started as something small has morphed into more than I could ever imagine. As we get older I think it becomes harder to define what truly makes us happy. We are constantly influenced by things, told to dress a certain way, encouraged to make healthy choices 100% of the time, trying to be the best moms while also accomplishing everything on our to-do lists and just trying to do our best. I think we often forget that what really matters is that we are happy. It doesn’t matter what other people think of us, it doesn’t matter what life should look like on the outside – what matters is the people who are in our corner, cheering us on, letting us be whoever we want to be and supporting us along the way. You guys are those people to me. You are in my corner every day, you let me make mistakes and learn from them, you remind me when I should censor parts of my life (ha!) or when I should share more. You are my friends and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I love you all! xoxo

Photos by Heather Talbert who has been a friend and partner in this industry for 7  years, I love you Heather! And a fun little video with BMP Film Co. who I’m excited to work with more in 2020!