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Our Coffee Maker + Fall Coffee Drinks to Try!

Lets start with our coffee maker because I always get a ton of questions about it! We have the Miele CM6150 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine. It makes the most delicious, freshly ground, frothy cup of coffee you could ever imagine! A dream. My parents had owned one for years and a couple years ago Dave surprised me with one for my birthday! It’s kind of like that cup of coffee that once you have it you can never go back. Nothing will compare.

The machine itself is super easy to use. We are not huge latte drinkers but you can really whip up anything your heart desires. This version comes with a milk pipe but if you want the full espresso machine vibe then this machine seems to be one level up with all the bells and whistles for cappuccinos, lattes, etc. We buy these Kult Coffee beans from Amazon which are delicious (you don’t want to use anything too oily because it will cause build up in the machine). The machine grinds beans for each individual cup of coffee or espresso you make so you get a fresh ground cup of coffee every single time. If you’re more simple when it comes to coffee, this machine appears to get the job done too! I would maybe do your research on a side by side comparison of the three if you’re really interested! We watched a lot of Youtube videos.

The machine itself does require some maintenance but it never feels too substantial. Every 100 cups you have to “descale the brew unit” which means you will have to run a cleaning cycle through the water system. You basically just throw a tab in with the water compartment with warm water and follow the directions on the screen. *the machine preps you with a cup countdown for when this has to happen so you can do it the night before your coffee! On the same level you have to “clean the brew unit” every 100 cups as well. For some reason they don’t usually fall at the same time so may be more but again you’ll receive a countdown. This means opening up the side of the machine and washing out the grinder, getting rid of any loose coffee grinds that may have fallen and cleaning it out. It requires a little bit more work in the kitchen sink (light soap and hot water) and then you’re done.

Overall, we are obsessed with this coffee machine. Honestly any cup of coffee ordered out just isn’t the same — it’s that good. I wish I could invite all of you over for a cup.

I often get asked about my go-to coffee drink and it’s usually just coffee! I’m not a fan of sweet, flavored coffee as I like to enjoy the coffee itself. Sometimes I’ll get fancy with a oat milk or coconut/almond milk creamer but I usually just add a splash of half & half to smooth out the bitterness. I love the idea of something with a little flavor but always feel like store-bought fall drinks are a little heavy in the flavor department. Carolyn and I were browsing some of our favorite blogs to find some homemade fall coffee drinks that you could easily whip up yourself and adjust the sweetness/flavor to your likeness! Here are some that caught our eye…

Homemade Iced Maple Latte: This coffee gets its flavor from a hint of pure maple syrup and a splash of foamed milk. It sounds like the perfect thing to enjoy on a crisp fall morning, windows open and something yummy baking in the oven! Maple has a subtle, warm flavor so I know I would love this!

Easy Pumpkin Spiced Latte: A healthy twist on a fall classic! All you need is a single pot and 10 minutes to recreate this recipe. The flavors of this sound amazing and no sugar! I bet this smells so good on the stove.

Honey Cardamom Latte: Cardamom adds amazing flavor to so many fall recipes, from apple crisp to mulled wine. I love the idea of using it to spice up your morning coffee! I actually love the flavors in a honey latte and this sounds so cozy (+ only 4 ingredients!).

Cinnamon Mocha Cold Brew Iced Coffee: Also known as a Mexican Mocha, this iced coffee recipe looks like it would be a delicious afternoon pick-me-up. And you probably have most of the ingredients on hand already! Perfect for you iced coffee lovers.

Healthy Salted Caramel Coffee Creamer: This is actually a recipe for homemade healthy salted caramel coffee creamer, but it sounds like the ultimate thing to add to your typical morning coffee. Definitely on my list to try this season! I loooove caramel and adding a dash of this to my coffee would be dreamy.

PS: Here is a link to my Homebody mug! They also have other cute sayings.

What is your go-to fall coffee drink? Are you a sweet drink person or do you stick to the basics? If you have any other yummy recipes to try let us know in the comments!