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Coffee with Liz • September 4, 2020

My husband and I have a 2-year-old son and we are planning to take a 12-hour road trip vacation…to a cabin…on a lake…with a lot of hazardous things everywhere (first-time mom LOL). What are some recommendations you have for traveling in a car, toys to keep them busy and content both in the car and in the cabin? A lot of things I’ve read recommend leaving at 2-3 am and driving it all in one day, but not sure I want to make that commitment!

We personally have never done that long of a road trip with our boys but we have traveled with them a lot and I have a few tips! I usually try to pack things that are new and that can be somewhat “reset” and played with again. Items like these Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Books, this cute quiet book or this traveling activity board! Also anything from Little Baby Bum (which is now on Netflix!) saved us when our kids were little. Otherwise, pack anything and everything to help you to work less and enjoy more! Good luck!

Are you still taking Equilibria now that you’re pregnant? I’ve been wanting to start, but my husband and I are trying so it doesn’t seem worth it if I’ll just have to stop (hopefully) soon!

Not currently taking because there is just not enough research surrounding CBD + pregnancy. But I miss it!! I did take it up until the day I took a pregnancy test and I think that anything that helps reduce stress during these crazy times is amazing to have. You won’t feel a drop or withdrawal when you stop taking it – it is a very natural supportive supplement so I don’t think there is a bad time to dive in! You can use my code LIZADAMS for 15% off if you are a new customer!

Would you mind talking about natural family planning/how you handled being off birth control since 2009 (as you mentioned recently in your IG stories)? I know this is a bit of a personal topic but I would really appreciate your insight!

The good old fashioned way! 😉 The short story is that I had been on birth control for 8 years before stopping in 2009. The brand I took made me crazy and was eventually discontinued and when I tried another one I felt like shit for weeks (swollen, terrible skin, moody, etc.). It was then that I just decided to give my body a break. It was more important for me to feel good than to take a birth control pill to avoid getting pregnant. So Dave and I would use other forms of contraceptives and make sure we avoided specific days of the month. I feel like people are always like “HOW DID YOU SURVIVE?” and it is called condoms, people. You get used to them eventually! Family planning that way worked for us!

I just found out I’m pregnant with my second (yay!), but I’ll be honest, up until now I’ve been indulgent during quarantine with wine and taking Equilibria. What have you done since finding out you were pregnant to treat yourself, relax, and unwind each day? 

Oh girl, before I found out I was pregnant quarantine was sending me into a downward spiral of indulgence – ha. I think my biggest treat is handing over the kids bedtime duties to Dave and getting into bed early, planning dinners with my girlfriends, dessert (all the desserts) and treating myself to a glass of wine here and there. I’m a pretty relaxed pregnant person but I think my “treat” is usually me time, sleep and looking forward to my morning coffee.

My bridal shower is in October and we are holding it outside in my parent’s backyard due to the current health situation. Any ideas for a cute outfit that’s also appropriate for potentially chilly New England fall weather? 

So exciting! Congrats! I would go with a pretty long sleeve dress like this, this or this! This dress is also a stunner.

Do you have any tips for managing anxiety around kids + water? My family just bought a lake house and I have no chill!

Ugh it’s so hard. I mean make sure they are in life jackets at all times and get them into swim lessons early. This summer I was DETERMINED for Charlie to learn how to swim. He had swim lessons twice a week and now he is a pro! Jack is another story and I’m bossy and I make sure someone has eyes on him or is next to him at all times. But he is also, usually, in a floaty even with clothes on on the dock just incase.

What’s a typical staying-home mom uniform for you? Would also love to hear what a day looks like for you when you’re home with both boys!

Some variation of this, this or this! I’m honestly not one to spend the day in workout clothes, I prefer to get dressed for the day. I’ve also done a blog post about what a typical day looks like here! It still rings pretty true!

What kind of shoes do you wear for the Myx bike? Regular running shoes or spin shoes?

So what I love about the MYX Bike is that there are options for both! I haven’t invested in spin shoes yet but all my friends tell me it makes a big difference in the ride. Right now one side of the pedal is for regular shoes and the other is for spin shoes so you can choose!

How do you organize all of your headbands?

On top of a very large body wash bottle, ha. Somehow they stay stacked but my girlfriend did just send me this and I think it’s a way better option!

What’s your current favorite candle? I need a new scent!

Ohh so many. It’s hard to say because right now I feel like I’m in fall mode and want all of the fall scents. A few fall favorites include: Linnea Light’s Gather Candle, Chai Latte Candle, Magnolia’s Fall Candle, Nest Pumpkin Chai, Le Labo Santal 26, Trish McEvory Wild Blueberry Vanilla (smells like fresh blueberry muffins out of the oven) and Thymes Fraiser Fir. For everyday I love this Grounded candle from Life Therapy!

I am in a rut and need your help! My family is taking family photos at the end of October. I will be about 20 weeks pregnant with my second and don’t know what to wear. My daughter is going to wear this floral dress. Do you have any recommendations on a fairly reasonably priced (under $150, max $200) dress to go with it? Thank you!

I love something like this or this!

Do you mind sharing how far apart in age your boys are? So excited for you to have a third!

Charle and Jack are almost exactly 26 months apart so just over 2 years! Jack and our new baby will be 37 months apart so 3 years and 1 month. Charlie and Jack will be 5 and 3 when baby is born.

What’s one thing that really scares or intimidates you? Any tips for working through it?

I think anything work related that pushes me out of my comfort zone. One downside of this business is sort of being solo in your decisions and risks and chances. I have Dave and Carolyn and my managers to bounce ideas off of and that help me make the ultimate decision but it is up to me to perform. I think it’s easy to stay comfortable and in your lane in this industry but it’s those certain opportunities that I sometimes worry about saying yes to that end up being the greatest move forward for my business. I read a quote the other day that said “a girl who is going to do big things cannot let small things get to her.” I think telling myself to push forward, stay confident in myself and my abilities and that saying yes could be the best thing I ever do!

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