Liz over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My Biggest Takeaway from Wellness Month

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What a whirlwind! Who would have thought that when we started Wellness Month on March 1 we would be social distancing, self isolating and our nation would be battling a virus pandemic. Seems fitting and also crazy but I feel so grateful that there are so many amazing topics and conversations to look back on through all of this! I personally feel like I learned SO MUCH. Thanks in large part to our wellness experts, if you missed their posts here they are:

I honestly feel so proud that HAF was a platform for all of these amazing women to come together and answer YOUR questions. It’s definitely a month that I will refer back to again and again but especially during this uncertain time when anxieties and stress are high and we all need a little boost.

If you had asked me what wellness meant to me before this month I probably would have said a mixture of exercise, eating whole foods, drinking lots of water, getting a good night sleep, practicing ways to keep stress and anxiety down (CBD, meditation), etc. etc. But walking away from this month I feel like my eyes are opened a little bit wider surrounding the topic of wellness.

My friend Jackie told me that wellness and wellbeing is a question you should ask yourself – is your BEING well? This tiny question opened my eyes to a bigger picture of wellness. True wellness comes from within. All of the exercise, eating right – all of the activities that society has taught us to be wellness aren’t truly affective unless our minds are in the right space. I think more than ever I see this first hand, with so much uncertainty in the world and so many questions to ask ourselves on a daily basis. We are all in survival mode but I think it’s important to remember that our wellness is important through it all. Self care is important and that doesn’t just mean going for a run or making a healthy dinner. It means giving yourself a break, taking a deep breath, letting yourself be in the moment and come through on the other side. Checking in with ourselves and doing what we need to do to feel our best on the inside.

If you take away anything from this month I hope it is something like this: we can’t focus each day on being the best version of ourselves. Being the best moms, best spouse, best friends, best cheerleaders, best cooks, best housekeepers, best laundress, best dishwasher – we will drown. We have to focus on keeping spirits high, taking a deep breath, realizing that this moment is short in the grand scheme of things, that there are resources out there for you if you feel like you need support, that we can’t pour from a empty cup. Your wellness and wellbeing MATTERS. So create your own definition of wellness, whatever that may be.

Thank you for making this month so much fun and informative! I am BLESSED to have such an amazing community here. I hope HAF continues to be a place you can come to to feel supported, inspired and included.

Sending you all a big hug during this time!! Check in with yourselves and stay safe! xoxo