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Wellness Challenges • Week of March 8, 2020

Introducing the second week of Challenges from the Hello Adams Family March Wellness Month

Hi friends! We are almost in to week two of wellness month which means a new week of challenges! If you missed last week’s challenges the goal of our challenges is to hold each other accountable and complete five days of exercise and cook four healthy meals at home during the week. I want these challenges to be attainable where you walk away from the week feeling successful!

You can pick and choose which days you’d like to exercise and cook so don’t worry if you miss a day or plans change, you have other days to make it up! If you want to fill in your own weekly wellness plan, we created a blank template for you here!

5 Days of Exercise Weekly Challenge

For me, I do strength training twice a week and cardio 3-4x a week. I try to progress my cardio as the week goes on so I’ll start with a longer, more moderate pace at the beginning of the week. I try for a shorter sprint circuit in the middle of the week and then a longer, more intense cardio at the end. This definitely doesn’t have to be YOUR goal but I think it helps to visualize what you should do change it up as the week goes on!


This week we are making 4 meals that I love! Basic but also with a little bit of creativity. Here’s what we’re cooking:

Here is a shopping list with everything you’ll need for this challenge! I always have some sort of pasta stocked in my cabinets so I forgot to add but assuming you all are probably the same! A few other items always in fridge: lemons, limes, Bolthouse avocado cilantro ranch (the best for taco salads!), pasta, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard and cheese.


And don’t forget about our 30 day CBD challenge! The purpose of this one is to experience the effects of consistent CBD use (because consistency is key!). Don’t worry if you jump into this one late – it took me 3 days of consistent use to notice and significant difference but it can take up to 7. Use code LIZADAMS25 to get 25% off your purchase from Equilibria through March! I recommend starting with the balance box and make sure you speak with their dosage experts to figure out the best path for you! I started with one daily gel at night and now have moved to the drops at night and then a gel during the day if needed (to curb stress, anxiousness).

Liz Adams shares CBD Challenge details including why CBD may be beneficial for reducing anxiety, helping sleep, and improving focus
Liz Adams shares CBD Challenge details including why CBD may be beneficial for reducing anxiety, helping sleep, and improving focus

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