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My Workout + Meal Plan • Week of July 1, 2019

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My Weekly Workout and Meal Plan

This week’s fitness plan is all about balance! We have a fun holiday week ahead and I plan on enjoying every little moment WITHOUT feeling guilty about it. There are certain things that I try to do to combat all of the indulgence – like making sure I get my water ounces in and a quick sweat if I can. My biggest advice is do what you can when you can while making sure you indulge a little bit!

The best thing I’ve done with exercise is creating a routine (I wrote about this here) so working out has become a secured part of my day. Even if it means running 3 miles with the kids in the stroller or doing an Aaptiv workout while they nap. Just doing SOMETHING makes me feel not as guilty about all of the indulgence. Getting in those high H2O ounces helps to keep your metabolism up and things moving even if your diet isn’t the best for your body. 

For meals, I’m trying to eat clean/cook at home when at all possible. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are in my control so I’m going to cook at home and limit my alcohol intake. When I’m a little extra indulgent I usually try to add on some more cardio so I plan on some longer runs mixed with high intensity running workouts. 

I hope this helps you map out your week a little bit! This is my favorite holiday and I can’t wait to celebrate with my family and friends! xo

Here is a blank template to make your own weekly fitness plan!