Health & Fitness over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

How Weight Training Has Made My Fitness Goals Happen

Shop the post: In Movement Leggings (wearing a 6), Breeze By Long Sleeve Tee (wearing a small), Energy Bra, Scrunchie Bow c/o lululemon

Shop the post: In Movement Leggings (wearing a 6), Breeze By Long Sleeve Tee (wearing a small), Energy Bra, Scrunchie Bow c/o lululemon

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

Let’s be honest, getting into a fitness routine sucks. It takes hard work, consistency, mind over matter. It took me a long time to truly believe the benefits of a consistent healthy lifestyle. I am the definition of easily distracted and as soon as I get in a routine, I get bored and either move on or stop all together. I’ve realized that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader and remind yourself that what you’re doing today is an investment in yourself. 

My Favorite Sports Bra

I am really picky about my sports bras and this one has been a consistent favorite for YEARS. Love all of the bright colors for Spring!

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When I was in high school my cheerleading coach was a BOSS. We worked out early, got cardio in before the sunrise during the summer months, lifted weights with the football players – I mean she was intense. Her license plate said “FIT HAPPENS” and it is a phrase that I have always remembered and think about consistently. FIT HAPPENS. So so simple and so so true. I feel like this simple phrase always motivates me at the gym. The only way fit happens is when you put in the work and I’ve carried that thought with me through my journey of getting in shape since having Jack. 

Long Sleeve Top Perfect for a Good Sweat

You know I love wearing long sleeve tops during my workouts, mainly because I love a good sweat! This top is a perforated style making it perfect for summer workouts.

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When people ask me what habits have most contributed to my success, I always say weight training. I never do weighted activities on my own but since signing up with a personal trainer I have consistently introduced weights, HIIT exercises and resistance training into my weekly routine. Increasing and maintaining muscle mass is the best way to keep your body fat percentages in check. When you do resistance/training exercises, your body burns calories for far longer than if you just did cardio. It’s so important for your heart and body!

In Movement Leggings

The prettiest blue leggings I’ve ever seen! They are a sweat wicking material making them perfect for a high intensity workout. I wear a size 6!

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lululemon is always my go-to for workout clothes. No one does it better! My favorite leggings for intense sweat sessions are their In Movement leggings. I feel like all of my workout clothes are black and was so excited to add this blue color to the mix! I have been wearing this long sleeve top NON-STOP – it’s perfect for cardio and training days. I know it will be a favorite all summer long with its breezy fabric. Finally my all time favorite sports bra (seriously I have 5 of them!) was just released in some fun colors for spring and I love the two tone green! So cute and fresh paired with the blue leggings. It’s a no brainer that when you look good you feel good and that’s why investing in my activewear is important to me. 

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