Health & Fitness over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

My Tips for Creating a Fitness Routine

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Shop the post: JoyLab Jacket (sold out sadly, similar here and here!), ALO Leggings (wearing a small), Beyond Yoga Tank (wearing a small), Lululemon Sports Bra (old), Nike Sneakers, Ray Ban Sunglasses

I’m constantly asked about my schedule and how I make time for certain things throughout the day. Regardless of your situation I think it is important to prioritize your time and your priorities. It took me awhile to figure out what was important to me personally after I had kids. Making time for certain things that are selfish or personal is just as important (mentally) as is clocking work hours. If I don’t dedicate time for myself throughout the day then everything else sort of falls by the wayside. It’s all about creating a schedule that works for you!

Working from home has its benefits. My work hours are all over the place and I do have the flexibility to slip in a workout throughout the day. However, I’ve learned that unless something is a priority, it doesn’t make it into my schedule. It took me months (I mean MONTHS) of consistently working out for it to earn a dedicated spot in my day. Deciding what’s important to you is the first step in creating a schedule that makes you feel accomplished at the end of the day.

I wanted to write this post because I’ve heard from a few woman who say that sharing my workouts on Instagram makes them feel like they aren’t doing enough.   That they work full time jobs that require a long commute and dedicating time to exercise means less time with their kids. I appreciate their input and remember feeling the EXACT way after I had Charlie. I hated watching anyone on social media that was doing more than me. And if I did get a workout in then I felt like a bad mom choosing the exercise over spending time with them. I think the most important thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom is that your happiness is so important. If I’m unhappy it dominos down to every aspect of my life and I ultimately end up resenting my kids and my husband and it is BAD. Anything I can do to avoid those feelings is really important. I want my posts and the exercises I share to inspire you or remind you that you can do it too! It wasn’t always easy for me to admit this and I think it takes a long time for women to say “hey! I deserve this!”

Exercise is my therapy. It’s the only true hour of the day that I dedicate towards bettering myself. Because I’ve witnessed not only a physical change in my body but also my mental health, I’ve made it a priority. Now that it is a priority, it deserves a spot in my calendar every single day. I think this is a really important factor in determining what is important in your day. I think they say that it takes 66 days to create a habit? It takes consistency but once you decide that certain things are important to you then you stick with it! That’s my biggest advice when it comes to creating a routine/schedule. When certain things feel like a commitment, they aren’t going to become part of your schedule. But if it is a priority then it is more likely to become a part of your routine. 

A few things that have specifically worked for me when it comes to making my healthy/fitness routine a lifestyle: 

  1. My Apple Watch. I swear this watch keeps me in check and makes me competitive with myself. If I have a good day then I want that streak to continue! If I’m training with my trainer I’ll set my activity to an Open Goal to track calories/heart rate and then if I do cardio I’ll select whatever activity to track (usually an indoor run). I know that this is an investment but it doesn’t always have to be! I’ve had my watch for at least a couple years and mine is a Series 1. If it isn’t in your budget then maybe you research that option instead of the newer Series 3 or Series 4 (which I will most likely upgrade to eventually).  Fitbit has great options, too!
  2. Setting realistic goals. If I lay down too many rules for myself, I’m going to fail. A change in lifestyle has to be maintainable for me (and must include wine, ha!). My exercise goal per week is to workout at least 4 days. I also try to cook 4 healthy meals at home and the other nights are out with friends, out to dinner, whatever. As long as I make a conscious effort 4 days a week then I feel good about myself!
  3. Make it fun and incorporate your kids! I have so many women reach out to me and say they are scared to take their kids to the kids care at their gym. Just do it!! They are fine and it seriously takes you one time to feel like a whole new door opened up for you. We make it fun and if Charlie has a great day then we will get a treat after! Or go to the park! Or go on a lunch date! It becomes an event and now Charlie will say “mom, can we go to the gym?” 
  4. Buy an outfit that excites you! I know I know cute workout clothes blah blah blah. But it seriously helps. On laundry days I’ll wash all of my exercise stuff together (to keep it in the best condition) and I get so excited when all of my favorite pieces are clean. The more confident you feel at the gym, the harder you push and the more those little changes will lead you to big changes. Here are a few things I’m loving lately…

I hope this post inspires you to prioritize something that is only for you!! We all deserve a little self love.