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Weekly Workout + Meal Plan

What I’m wearing: Calia Move Tank (size small), Lululemon Align leggings, Calia Sports Bra, Nike Shoes

Ok guys, today we are going to try something new! I get so many questions about my weekly workout goals, what we eat, how I stay on track, etc and today I wanted to start a new series to help inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. Remember that your goals may look different than mine and that is okay! I want you to look at this series as inspiration for your own life. I’m not perfect, sometimes my weeks change and sometimes I need to order pizza mid-week. Just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you always have to stick with it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and remember that all of this is usually done with a glass of rosé in hand by 5pm! Everything in moderation. 

So I think I’m going to post my fitness plan every other week (otherwise it may get redundant, I’m not THAT exciting) and I’ll detail my weekly fitness plan and then I’ll provide a blank document so you can either print it out or fill in yourself! Like I said above, every week is different for me. Overall, a few of my goals every week are:

  • run 12-15 miles
  • workout with trainer 2x a week
  • eat at home 4x a week
  • drink 100oz of water a day
  • asleep by 10pm every night

It took me a long time to get to this point. Exercise never used to be a huge priority to me but now it is a secured part of my day. I generally try to workout 4 out of 7 days (I usually end up working out about 5/6x), even on weeks when these goals don’t necessarily happen. I always aim to be active more days during the week than I’m not. Even if it’s a day where I’m not running or training, we love to go on a family walk. My Apple Watch keeps me in check and I get super competitive with myself – read more about how I use my Apple Watch here. Again, I don’t always reach these goals! Some weeks I run 8 miles, some weeks I miss days with my trainer and some weeks I drink too much wine – and that’s ok! 

Here is my fitness/meal plan for this week:

Note: We eat a lot of repeat meals so there are certain things that are always stocked in my fridge/freezer. For example, TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi, Rao’s marinara sauce, almond butter, rice crackers, hummus, seasonings, etc. (I always have ingredients for this salad on hand and make for lunch 2x a week!) In the beginning of the week I always stock up on the necessary fresh ingredients like organic meats and produce. I usually buy the first couple meals of the week on Sunday and then shop again on Wednesdays – just to make sure everything is fresh! 

I’m also starting a new goal of no phone from 4-8pm, when kids wake up from naps and until they go to bed. Summer is so short and I really want to enjoy every minute with them! Charlie is starting to really notice when we are on the phone and I’m trying to be more conscious of this so this goal is important to me. A few past posts that may be good resources are my favorite treadmill workouts (these are the sprint circuits I do!), my recipes (we love making turkey meatballs and turkey burgers), how I started running and my tips for creating a fitness routine!

I hope that this helps us all hold each other accountable! Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t feel like a task. It should be something that fits seamlessly into your life. Do what is best for you! If you feel like you don’t have any time to workout, start with small goals like taking your kids on a 2 mile walk (and maybe doing three sets of walking lunges in between!) or doing an AAPTIV workout during nap time. I use this app all the time at home! It’s great. Just because this is my plan doesn’t mean it has to be yours. Do what you can! I just want this to inspire you to start somewhere. I started somewhere too. We all do!

Don’t forget to download the blank document to create your own plan!

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