Ask Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • April 26, 2019

Name something you can’t wait to teach Charlie and Jack when they get older.

How to respect women!

I noticed on your stories that Jack had some sort of placemat on the table. What brand is this or where did you find it? Such a good idea for the littles when they are joining the rest of the fam at the table and you want to keep the mess under control!

We have almost every color of these cloud placemats! They are cute and stay in place! They also roll up easily to take on the go 🙂

If one day by magic a million dollars appeared at your doorstep, how would you use the money?

Ohh that’s tough! Probably go on a family vacation, savings for Charlie + Jack, self fund a family cookbook and rent a boat on Lake Michigan and fly all of our family in for a party. Donate the rest.

 I am getting married this September in Yellowstone National Park with family only and then the next day I am having a casual party at a bar in town (in Montana) with family and friends. I am only planning on wearing my wedding dress for the ceremony. I want to wear something that is casual and comfortable (I will 100% be wearing booties!) but still is beautiful. Appreciate any suggestions you have for fun party dress in September! 

So fun! I love something like this, this, this or this!

I just started a new job and it is much more casual than my last. Typically this time of year (Spring in Philly) I wore business casual dresses with sweaters or blazers. Now I am wearing high waisted jeans most days and just can’t seem to find cute tops / lightweight sweaters. I am curvy and like things that give me a shape / accentuate my waist as opposed to the boxy look that seems to be very in. Any suggestions?

If you could go back in time to before you had kids, is there anything you would do before becoming a mom? 

Probably spend way more weekends away with my friends, go to Europe a few more times with Dave and just explore more. Also sleep, I miss sleep.

My sister and her husband just told our family that they are expecting their first baby! And this will be the first baby in our family! What is something special that you would recommend that I can get her? 

What about a sweet little keepsake book? Or I love this sweet “mama” necklace (even if she doesn’t wear it right away). 

Do you have any suggestions on fun activities to do in Chicago with couples that come in town to visit that do not center around drinking?  My husband and I are 28/29, live in the city, and often have friends visit who have been to Chicago before and don’t need to do the standard tourist attractions again.  Aside from those, we are struggling to come up fun stuff to do during the day that does not involve getting drinks.  When we have plans in the evening to go out for drinks, I’d love to have some ideas for daytime plans that don’t involve alcohol.  None of us have kids yet, so doesn’t need to be family-friendly.

You could always go to a Cubs or White Sox game or just pack a picnic lunch to take to Lincoln Park! Green City Market’s summer outdoor farmer’s market opens on May 4—one of my favorite warm-weather activities in Chicago! I know you’ve said that you have done a lot of the touristy activities, but you could visit some of Chicago’s lesser-known tourist attractions like The Rookery or the Driehaus Museum. Or what about going antiquing in Andersonville, coffee-shop hopping in Ukranian Village or shopping in Humboldt Park (so many cute stores)?

I’m looking for a diamond and sapphire ring (my kids’ birthstones). I love yours! Can you share the details or some similar options? 

It’s an exact replica of my wedding band with alternating sapphires! Dave had our jeweler make it as a surprise.

Could you share any tips or useful info for someone considering Invisalign? How to keep trays/attachments from staining, do the trays affect speech, how quickly you begin to see results, things like that! I had braces as a teenager but my teeth have shifted and I’d like to be confident in my smile again. 

I actually plan on doing a huge post about this, including a Q+A with my dentist! Basically, any time you eat and/or drink coffee, wine or anything dark – you take it out. Make sure you brush your teeth before putting it back in! In terms of speech, the trays take maybe a day to adjust to but it is such a slight change! The results depend on how much you have to change – but I would say 2-3 months! I’m already noticing a tiny bit of a difference in the teeth that really needed to be shifted and it has only been 4 weeks. However, I saw the tray that I’ll wear in another month and I see a huge difference! More to come!
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