Family over 9 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Wedding: Part One

Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-1 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-2 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-3Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-5 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-4Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-30Adams-0118Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-31Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-32Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-33Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-6Adams-0214Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-29Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-35 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-7 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-8 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-9 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-10 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-11 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-12Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-36Adams-0331 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-13 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-14 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-15Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-38 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-16Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-37Adams-0281 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-17 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-18 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-19Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-21 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-22Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-27 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-23Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-45 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-24 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-25 Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-26Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-28Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-39Liz-Adams-of-Sequins-and-Stripes-Wedding-Day-40This day will forever be one of the most amazing days of my life. It is so hard to look back on these photos without tears of joy streaming down my face, while still trying to hold onto the memory of each little moment. I was really skeptical about sharing these photos, especially since this first batch is filled with so many special and personal memories. However, I share my life with you all everyday and if I can’t share my wedding day with you here then I don’t want to share it anywhere else.

…And because I love our love story and these photos are filled with so much love.

Our photographers, Tim and Bethany Tabailloux, are so much more than photographers. I was drawn to them because of the way they capture moments in time that you’ll never get back. Every photo is more special than the last and having them by our side on our wedding day was a dream. Plus they are two of the most kind people you’ll ever meet, and new friends that I’ll cherish forever.

A few of my favorite moments of the day {that you’ll notice above} were: getting ready with my bridesmaids, my mom, and my mother in law, exchanging gifts with Dave, putting on my dress, seeing my dad for the first time, seeing my brother for the first time, seeing Dave for the first time*, watching Dave look at me in my dress, seeing Webster for the first time, feeling completely surrounded by my most favorite people in the world, seeing our adorable flower girls, watching the rain move away and the skies open up for the last few photos, and feeling so completely content.

On Thursday I’ll be sharing our ceremony and reception photos/details. You can find details about these photos below:

Photographer: Tim Tab Studios {Locations: Civic Opera House / Museum Campus}
Bridal Party Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar
Wedding Dress: Monique Lhullier
Wedding Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Groom’s Suit: J.Crew Ludlow Suit  //  Bow Tie: Tie Bar
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale in Rhubarb
Flower Girl Dresses: J.Crew  //  Shoes: Toms
Flowers/Bouquets: Jessica from HMR Designs
Hair and Makeup: Sonia Roselli
Bridal Suite: Four Seasons Chicago