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Coffee with Liz • April 12, 2019

When/how old were you when you and Dave met? Did you date a lot of other people before you met? I am twenty now and it seems like everyone around me including friends are in long term relationships already(!). I have been ok with the stage of life I’m in right now and know it will happen when it happens, but do you have any advice on not feeling rushed and left behind? You seem like a cool older sister so I wanted to get your thoughts.

I met Dave when I was 23! We dated for 4 years before we got engaged and then married at 28. I dated someone seriously in college but was single for 1.5 years before meeting Dave. You have so much time! You are so young! I also don’t think relationships require 5 years of dating before marriage anymore. I have so many friends who have met their match and a year later then are engaged. I think the older you get, the more you know and the more secure you are in relationships. You also hit a point where “dating someone” is either worth it or a waste of time – you know? Let yourself have fun! One of best years as my single year in the city! SO MUCH FUN. Not to say I am so so happy now but I don’t think a serious relationship has to last half a decade. You’ve got this! Enjoy the ride!

Would love an update on how Jack’s doing post-ear tubes surgery. Our 10-month-old is having the same procedure next week—any tips or things you’ve learned?

He is doing amazing!! Honestly I noticed a difference within 4 hours after the procedure. He babbles and chats so much now and I notice that normal noises around our house startle him. So his hearing was definitely muffled! It is such a quick procedure and was honestly over before I had time to sit down and stress about it. The anesthesia was my main concern but it was such a mild dose that he was awake within 20 minutes. Most people told me to be prepared for him to be pretty agitated when he woke up and I brought that up to the nurse – she told me that that side affect is usually due to a relaxing medicine they give them before anesthesia. Jack was already so tired so we didn’t take whatever that medicine was and he woke up calm but STARVING. After a bottle he was good to go! It’s so so so worth it!

Do you volunteer? If so, tell us more!

Ugh no. I wish I could say yes to this but I just don’t have the time. Our friends and I usually get a big group together to volunteer around the holidays but I would love to find a more consistent volunteering routine. Any suggestions?!

When you started training with your trainer 2x per week, were you weighing yourself weekly or measuring? Do you currently weigh yourself or just go by how your clothes fit? Did your trainer tell you to eat more protein while training to lose more weight? I started weight training and running 3x per week 7 weeks ago (and eating healthy) and the scale is not moving. It’s very frustrating. Just wondering if you weigh more than you have in the past but your clothes are a smaller size. Please tell me that’s a real thing! 

I have weighed myself maybe 2x since starting with my trainer and we actually never took measurements, it’s pretty much based on how my clothes fit. When I got pregnant with Jack I weighed 134lbs, when I started training/working out more consistently at 4 months postpartum (so last February) I weighed 144 lbs and now I’m 126lbs. My trainer has told me that adding more protein to your diet while training actually increases your muscle mass and I’ve always tried to avoid getting bulky. I eat smaller portions and follow FWTFL (and intermittent fasting – read about it here) to some extent. 

I am getting married next month and am in search of the perfect pair of real, high quality, not-super-white pearls that are fancy enough for my wedding but not so over the top I can’t wear them day to day at work after the big day. Can you share a couple of recommendations? Thanks!

So my husband has been on a health kick for the past 6 months or so, and I am super supportive of it! However, his favorite meat now is ground turkey and it’s just so boring! At least to me. Are there any meals you love with ground turkey that are relatively easy? 

My ground turkey meatballs are amazing and this is the BEST TURKEY BURGER RECIPE! Ever.

I have a daughter who is 16 mo and we have started reading up on being more eco-friendly, waste-free and as sustainable as possible and within reason—thinking about the world she will grow up in and her kids after her. Knowledge is power, but it is also terrifying…so now I’m stressing about what we buy, use and throw away and its impact on the environment and the world’s people. What are your thoughts on using more eco/waste free/sustainable products for kids stuff? Do you use any non-plastic sippy/straw cups and lunch boxes/containers that you can recommend? Same question for Fair Trade and organic clothing brands for kiddos? Just trying to do my part for the environment and world, Fair Trade being most important in my eyes!

We do our best! Unfortunately I think America is super behind on waste-free/sustainable products. We love these bamboo cups and plates for kids. I also just ordered these bamboo sippy cups! Monica & Andy is my favorite kids brand made of all organic cotton. Everlane is my favorite fair trade brand for adults! Such an amazing brand doing amazing things.

How do you and Dave keep the romance alive? Do you have suggestions for weekend getaways around the Chicago area? 

Haha I should have Dave answer this question! I don’t know if I would call it romance because most days it’s just putting in the effort to get the job done (is that sad? that’s probably sad). I think having that physical connection is really important as a spouse so even though it may not be romantic, it is essential to feeling connected. We try to be romantic but it ends up just being funny. Dave and I were just saying we need a weekend away that isn’t scheduled – The American Club and Kohler Spa is a dream. 

Do you have a preferred type of underwear that you wear under workout leggings? I want something comfortable, but not outlined and visible under my leggings. I’ve tried a no-liner pair with no luck. Any recommendations? 

I’m obsessed with these Lululemon thongs!

How do you care for your rugs and what are your favorite sources for finding them? I want to get more rugs for our home but with two messy little boys, I’m worried they will get stained and gross immediately! I was looking at Ruggable since theirs are washable though don’t know how well they would hold up. Any tips?

RugsUSA is a great place for inexpensive rugs that are generally good quality! I find that synthetic and wool rugs hold up the best with kids – and are easy to clean. I also love searching HomeGoods, World Market and Lulu & Georgia.

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