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Coffee with Liz • February 17, 2019

I know the Marie Kondo series inspired you to do a closet purge and I so badly want to clean house too, BUT I am in the stage in life where I have a 14-month old and am 4 months pregnant again, so I have clothes that I feel like I never get to wear because they didn’t fit last season (post-baby) and now they don’t this season (pre-baby). And that just seems to be an ongoing cycle. Would you suggest holding off and seeing how I feel about the clothes next year? Any advice on how to manage a fashionable mom-friendly wardrobe during this season of constant body changes is much appreciated!

Yes hold off! Honestly, I wouldn’t make any decisions until you have a good answer. I held onto all of the pieces I loved pre-baby and if I didn’t wear them once I was able to fit into them then I let them go after a year. Give yourself some grace, don’t feel the pressure from all of the crazy people purging (me included). Just let yourself enjoy the chaotic stage of life that you’re in!! 

I am going on spring break with my family this year to Mexico and I wanted to get a matching Mommy and Me swimsuit for me and my 10-month-old. I know you have two boys but do you know of any sites that have cute suits for moms and kids? I’ve seen a couple but I’m always wary if the price tag seems super cheap.

I feel like I’ve seen cute ones from Lilly Pulitzer, Marysia and J.Crew has some similar styles and colors for littles, too!

I am pregnant with my first and I am looking for some maternity pieces that can also be nursing friendly once the baby is born. I am due in July so I am mostly looking for options I can layer this spring but wear on their own (potentially) this summer.

You can browse this post for some fun maternity ideas! I also lived in button downs and shirtdresses (Gal Meets Glam has so many cute options!). Also love this top!

I saw you were just in Playa for a bachelorette party and curious to hear about details as we are currently planning mine! Did you feel like it was a lot of travel for just a long weekend? What was your rooming situation, and any stand-out activities from the weekend itinerary? If you don’t mind sharing, I’d also love to know what you did for your bachelorette and if there were any details that you felt were important!

Honestly it was a lot of travel! Although we had the BEST TIME. We rented a house in a gated community which was great. We had a chef come in the first night and cook dinner, a yoga instructor come the next day and pretty much lounged. We also rented chairs at the Thompson Beach House one day which was so so nice. I would say at 32 years old it was the classist bachelorette party I’ve been on 😉

I had my bachelorette party in Charleston which is a place near and dear to my family’s heart. We stayed at our family’s home and rented cars to take us into the city. My best advice would be not to force it just because it is a bachelorette party. Do what you want! Whatever they may be!

My husband and I are expecting our first little one this summer and I wanted to see where you registered? There are so many places and shops that it’s hard to narrow it down!

We registered at Buy Buy Baby and Land of Nod! Now Crate & Barrel Kids

My husband and I are planning to try for a second baby in a few months, so do you think we should just buy a double jogger now so we won’t have to buy a second jogger next year? Or should we buy a single jogger now and a double once we need it?

I have a whole post on our favorite jogging strollers here! We’ve tried and used a lot of styles over the years, and I finally feel like I have two strollers that are reliable, easy for everyday use, and relatively stylish: the Bugaboo Donkey2 Mono Stroller (with Duo Extension) and the City Mini GT Double Stroller. The nice thing about the Bugaboo is that it can extend to a double if you purchase the extra seat/bassinet, so if you wanted to buy a single stroller now you could easily upgrade next year!

I’m wondering how you manage the FWTFL on the weekends when you go out to dinner with friends?  I’m finding it so tough to go out to dinner with friends and “have a life” without throwing myself off on the weekends. Hard to get done eating/drinking by 8pm on a fun night out!

I give myself grace on those nights but also try to stretch my fast as long as I can into the afternoons. The thing I love most about FWTFL is the flexibility and if you have a bad day you can pick it back up the next! I guess don’t stress too much about those days/nights. It’s okay!!

With all of the clean and healthy products that are out there (food, beauty, essential oils, cleaning products, etc.), how you strategize what you purchase? They all come with a higher price tag and I find it can be difficult to make the purchases I want to make and still meet our savings goals as a family.

Hmm, I would say essential oils are at the top of my list because they affect my entire family (cleaning products, laundry, fragrance, body wash), followed by skincare and beauty. It’s definitely an investment but it’s not something you have to commit to 100% right away. Just ease into it! Test the waters and see what you love. I haven’t completely committed to clean products in my house/beauty routine but I’m still trying!

My sister and I are looking to go away for part of her spring break from grad school in March. Any recommendations for someplace warm and relatively easy to get to from the Northeast?

Grand Cayman (although it’s been about 5 years since I’ve been there!) or Turks & Caicos – Grace Bay is the most beautiful beach!!

My 30th birthday is coming up next month! I’m renting a small room at a local Chicago brewery to celebrate with friends and family. I’m looking for a fun top (with long sleeves since it will be February) to pair with jeans. Any suggestions?

I love this, this, this and this (not long sleeve but too cute)!!

My best friend just got engaged (yay!) and asked me to be her Maid of Honor! I am very very excited but also a bit nervous. What were some things that your Maid of Honor or your bridesmaids did that made you happy throughout your engagement and wedding planning process? Is there anything that you wish someone had done for you along the way? I want to make sure that even though we don’t live near each other, I am still able to be there for her throughout this process and to make sure that she feels as special and awesome as she is!

Hm, I think just being there and sharing in the excitement! I think the biggest duty as a Maid of Honor is planning the bachelorette party so really go all out for that. Little reminders that you’re there throughout the process would probably mean so much! Notes, maybe a bridal magazine delivery, champagne – all of the celebratory things!

My husband is in desperate need of a new suit. He’s had all his current suits for years and at this point they’re all pretty ill-fitting and he regrets not finding a new one every time a wedding comes around. Do you have any recommendations on where to find a modestly/moderately priced suit that can primarily be worn at weddings? Thoughts on black vs navy?

Dave has the Ludlow suit from J.Crew and looks damn good in it! He also has some nice ones from Nordstrom Rack. I feel like Dave wears his navy suits more but I love a man in a black suit, too. 

I’m going to Vail this winter and I’m wondering what to pack for apres ski. Any suggestions for cute clothes that feel cozy/fit ski town vibes?

Tory Sport has some of the cutest ski sweaters I’ve seen! Especially love this and this. Also love this ski sweater (better price) and so many cute ski pants here – these are super cute. 

I want to add some framed pictures of our family around the house to make it homier and more “ours.” I’m having a hard time find picture frames (not wall-hanging) that look classy and nice without being super expensive. Do you have any suggestions on where to find some?

I personally always find pretty ones at HomeGoods! I love these acrylic frames, too!

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