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Some of Our Current Favorite Kid Products

Shop the post: No. 1 Roberta Roller Rabbit Hearts Pajamas // No. 2 Skip Hop Projection Soother Lamb // No. 3 Minted Puppy Print // No. 4 Gingham Pillow // No. 5 Portable Sounds Machine // No. 6 Contigo Water Bottles // No. 7 Air Purifier // No. 8 Bottle Drying Rack // No. 9 OXO Tot Sprout Chair // No. 10 Reading Chair

I always get questions about items that we are loving for our kiddos so I wanted to share some of our favorites today! I’ve talked previously about favorite baby products here and here and honestly those lists haven’t changed much! I would honestly suggest anyone register for these products but there are a few that get some extra love around our home. Here are a few favorites in our home that get a lot of love…

Roberta Roller Rabbit jammies – by far my most asked about jammies and FAVORITES in our home. Both of my kids have about 4 pairs and I think I have about three. They are so so so soft and comfy and breathable and the best!

Skip Hop Soother Lamb – We have had this in Jack’s crib since 3 months old and it is an essential in our home. We travel with it, sleep with it and it is on ever night during bedtime. Great for creating a consistent environment for sleep and super soothing!

Charlie’s pillow! – so many questions about this silly little thing. Charlie loves it! Again, we bring this thing everywhere and Charlie is obsessed. It is a staple when it comes to sleep and Charlie is so proud of it. A great transitional item as your baby becomes a big kid!

OXO TOT Sprout Chair – I always receive questions about our high chair and we’ve had the same one since Charlie was 6 months old and it is the best. Sturdy, easy to clean and so many pretty chair/base combinations. I kind of clean it obsessively after every meal (I’ve heard people say it is hard to clean??) but it has been great for us! 

Nod Chair – both of our boys have a chair (Charlie has this one and Jack this one) and it is the cutest thing to see them sit side by side. They are obsessed! While we have coffee in the morning, the wake up and sit side by side thinking it is the coolest thing in the world. Perfect for movie nights, hanging out and playing together. Dave and I honesty find ourselves lounging in these chairs very often – ha!

Levoit Air Purifier – Ok, I don’t know if this actually works but I personally feel like it has made a difference in the air quality of our bedrooms. We have a 92 year old home and it often gets dusty. I swear Charlie is allergic to dust which is why I bought this purifier, in hopes that it would balance out any allergens. We have it in all three bedrooms and our air feels lighter and fresher. A great option if you’re look for a purifier.

Honestly, everything on this list is a favorite! Any products that you love that I’m missing? All about finding the best products for my babes!