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Our Favorite Double Strollers + Why We Love Them

I get so many questions about our double strollers and just strollers in general. We have actually used and tried a lot of different brands/styles over the past three years. A perk of the job I guess! But I genuinely feel like we have two styles that are reliable, stylish, easy for travel, easy for every day and genuinely make me feel like we are all set in the stroller department (for now, ha). I though I would touch on this topic as I receive lots of questions about the brands we use and love and why. So let’s talk!

To be 100% honest, when I was pregnant with Charlie and registering for a stroller my first priority was style and the second was functionality. I wanted something pretty but also safe and easy to maneuver. We have a Nuna Pipa infant car seat (used for both boys) so with Charlie we purchased a Nuna stroller that was compatible with the Nuna Pipa car seat and that was that. When he was big enough we graduated to our City Mini GT which a few friends had recommended as your throw-around, durable, easy for travel stroller and it is exactly that! We STILL use this stroller with the boys (when Charlie is at day care, we use this with Jack). I keep this in my car at all times now that the car seat isn’t necessary and when we travel, I’ll usually wear Jack in a carrier and Charlie will be in the stroller if I know the double stroller isn’t necessary for our trip.

Fast forward to finding out I’m pregnant with Jack. We needed another stroller because the Nuna stroller was never getting used (our style is no longer made but this new style is lovely!) and I knew a double stroller was in our future. I partnered with Bugaboo to review their (at the time) new Bugaboo Donkey2 stroller (with Duo Extension!)and was so excited to learn that it could easily extend to a double if you purchased the extra seat/bassinet. So I did just that! It is by far my prettiest stroller. 

Unfortunately the Bugaboo is BIG. When we lived in the city it pretty much stayed in storage because I wasn’t going to lug it down three flights of stairs and it isn’t the easiest to maneuver. It doesn’t fold up easily because of the seats and unless we are going on a walk from the house, we really don’t use it. I knew we needed something that was a little more durable, easy to transport in and out of the car and folded up easily. Since we used and loved our City Mini GT so much I decided that getting the double would be the best option. It is hands down our most used stroller! I love it so much. It is easy to keep in the car, easy to maneuver – it takes turns well and glides over bumps really nicely. 

My one issue with the City Mini GT double stroller (and actually all strollers that aren’t Nuna!!) is that finding a car seat-stroller converter for Nuna car seats is almost impossible. I really wanted an attachment so when Jack was little and we were on the go I could throw the car seat on the City Mini double and it would be easy! In my opinion, laying the City Mini GT flat still feels like a lot of roll around room for little babes. So I did a lot of research and read reviews that the Maxi Cosi adaptor worked for the Nuna car seat. So I ordered this one (*the different attachments are for the double only, make sure you look at your stroller) and it works BUT it is not perfect. I definitely don’t think this was made for the Nuna but if you really push the car seat down into the attachment then it fits (but you never hear a lock) and then you remove the car seat like you would on any other adapter. I would recommend trying it if this is something you’ve been needing and then see how you feel about it. For us, it was tight enough where he wasn’t going anywhere (it literally doesn’t move) but did make me uneasy that it didn’t feel totally locked in. Does that make sense? Just giving you my honest opinion! Am I happy we bought it? Yes! It gets the job done. Now that Jack easily sits up on his own, we don’t use this anymore. 

Pros and Cons of our Double Strollers

Bugaboo Donkey2 Mono Stroller (with Duo Extension)

Pros – Stylish and pretty design, lots of storage space underneath, easy to break, pretty accessories (bassinet), upright or reclined seating.
Cons – Heavy, difficult to fold up, not super easy to maneuver, not the smoothest ride.

City Mini GT Double Stroller 

Pros – Smooth ride, easy to maneuver, easy to fold up, durable, great for travel, upright or reclined seating, easy to clean.
Cons – Limited storage space, not the most stylish.

Ok, that was long winded!! What are your favorite styles? I’m sure other readers/followers would love to know! xx

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  1. Not that you’ll need another double Liz, but just an FYI for anyone else reading this – the UppaBaby Vista double stroller has converters for the Nuna Pipa!

  2. I also have the city mini GT double stroller for my two little ones. We love it! I agree that it isn’t the prettiest and it doesn’t have a ton of storage. But overall, we love it!

  3. Hi Liz! I know you stay pretty active, are you able to take the City Mini out for jogs? We’ve purchased the Uppababy Vista, but now I’m thinking I’ll need something a little more rugged for runs and daily dog walks too.

    1. We do run/jog with it but it is definitely not made for serious runners. I use it because I run slow and am always on flat terrain but it is technically not an actual jogger!

  4. I love the City Mini double stroller. I have an older model but it is still my go-to! I never used a car seat adapter (just placed newborn in the seat flat/buckled and with some rolled up receiving blankets for comfort) and never had any issues. I also keep the single in my car at all times– so practical!

  5. Love this post as I will soon be shopping for a double stroller with baby #2 due in October! I have the City Mini GT (single stroller) for my son now and love it for all the reasons you mention above. I’m curious if you also considered the City Select Double Stroller and what made you choose the City Mini GT Double instead? I’m probably going to go with one of those! Thanks, Liz!

  6. For me, trying to research strollers was like trying to learn a second language! Seat bases and adapters and all the stroller parts… so overwhelming. Wish there were more honest reviews/comparisons like this!

  7. This is so helpful, Liz! Thanks for your honest thoughts! The GT has been at the top of my list, but I was on the fence because there’s definitely “cuter” strollers out there, so thanks for help deciding! Would love to hear about more baby products you’re still using, I’m in the midst of registering!

  8. Love this post! After we had our third kid, I told my husband that good strollers were my love language. I like the Joovy Caboose ultralight for on the go. It’s not too heavy, fits through doorways easily, and has a lot of options to switch up the seats. For jogging I use the B.O.B. Duallie- we got it practically new off Craigslist. Storage is limited in the bottom, but it’s great for long runs.

  9. Side by side double is definitely the best! We also have a City Select double, and it is so much more difficult to steer, especially with a heavier older kid in front. City Mini double FTW!

  10. SO glad I read this post! My 2nd one is due in Sept and my 1st will be 19 months old so I feel like a double stroller is a must! We have the citymini GT right now and love it…minus the minimal storage on the bottom. I’ve been looking at the doubles because I love our single so much. Since you use it with 2, is the storage at the bottom doable or annoying? haha