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Essential Oils and How We Use Them in Our Home

Three years ago I would never have believed the shift my life has taken since becoming a mom.  Every decision in my life is now a reflection of my children and their wellbeing. Whether that is grocery shopping, staying up to date on doctors appointments, booking more work during expensive months, having our furnace checked, making sure their clothes and blankies are clean and just generally doing my best to make sure they feel safe, healthy and happy.

As moms we do everything in our power to keep our babies safe. When I was pregnant I was introduced to essential oils as a way to combat pregnancy insomnia and sore muscles. I wrote about everything I know about essential oils and to this day it is still a reader favorite! Charlie has had a diffuser in his room since he was three months old, we now have 4 diffusers in our home, we have switched out the majority of our cleaning supplies for non-toxic products (but certain situations call for desperate measures) and I’ve truly learned the importance of filling our home with products that promote natural wellness. Recently I’ve been getting more and more requests to go into more detail about how we use these products in our home so I thought I would share an update! 

How I Learned About Young Living Essential Oils 

When Charlie was little he was diagnosed with acid reflux which was a total mess. He was constantly spitting up, constantly hungry and constantly agitated. I remember rocking him at all hours of the night just trying to get him to relax and comfortable long enough to fall asleep. One day a high school friend reached out to me and recommended that I try Young Living Gentle Baby. She happened to do PR for the brand at that time and was so generous to send me a starter kit, a diffuser, some Thieves products and more. I had tried oils from Whole Foods while I was pregnant and personally had no intention to get into essential oils. I thought it was a little oatmeal for me—you know what I mean? The concept was interesting but I didn’t feel there was a need or space for them in our lives. However, I was desperate to get Charlie to sleep and be comfortable so I set up the diffuser in his room with 5-6 drops of Gentle Baby.

That night he slept 11 hours straight.

I’m not saying it was the essential oils but when you’re a new mom and you’re in the thick of it you will try anything. Gentle Baby felt like a GIFT FROM GOD. Needless to say, I felt it was necessary to explore the world of essential oils a little more. Fast forward to Charlie turning one and I started to notice he was getting sick every other month. I remember he was on his 4th stint of Hand Foot and Mouth (this was while he was home with me! no daycare, no exposure to sickness really!) that I felt I needed to learn about building and protecting his immune system. He also had this cough that would not go away. It got to the point that I was researching food allergies, environmental aggressors – anything! There had to be an answer. I’m honestly still trying to figure this out but one thing I did learn is that the majority of household products we use on a daily basis are toxic. Laundry detergent, hand soap, household cleaners, food washes, baby shampoo + body wash and so much more. With Charlie having this cough I was crazy about cleaning every surface, washing his bedding, buying every air purifier on Amazon and more. I realized I had to start at square one and replace the products I was using that were caked in chemicals with clean alternatives.

How We Use Essential Oils Today

Since I was introduced to oils I have used them here and there but it wasn’t until we moved to the suburbs and Charlie got a little older that I started doing more research (like I said above). I started by diffusing different blends in our living areas. We use the Aria diffuser in our living area and the Dewdrop in the boys’ room. Depending on the season or the need, here are a few of my favorite blends:

Immune Boost:


*or you can just use Thieves and add a few drops of orange!



Clean home:

Tea Tree

Morning Boost:

Stress Away
Citrus Fresh

I also love Purification to take away any bad smells in the house! I diffuse this in Jack’s room while he is in daycare to keep the diaper pail smell away (I even put a few drops in the pail directly!) or the drain in my kitchen sink to clean out/neutralize any odor. 

My friend Liz Joy who is so knowledgeable on essential oils makes a protective topical blend that she puts on her kids’ necks at night and on their spine during the day. I think it is a mix of jojoba oil and Thieves which is an immune protecting oil. I’m still learning about roller blends but I’m excited to experiment with them more!

I’ve also started using the Thieves household cleaners. I talked a little bit about this on my IG stories but I’ve recently transitioned to their laundry detergent and have been using it to clean and deodorize our furniture and rugs, too! Overall these products are a much healthier way to keep your home fresh and clean – whether you are cleaning counter tops, disinfecting toys, scrubbing the bathroom, etc. Not only have I noticed that our home is just as clean if not more clean but it also feels lighter – I keep saying it feels like I can breathe more easily. 

How To Get Your Own Essential Oils

If you’d like to sign up to get Young Living oils, it’s best to sign up as a member and purchase the starter kit. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL OILS OR PURCHASE MONTHLY OILS AS A MEMBER. By signing up as a member you get a starter kit for more than 50% off and will get 24% off retail prices on every oil, forever (totally worth it!). Honestly, I had been ordering retail ever since I was ran out of my introductory order. It wasn’t until my friend Liz made me realize I should use my knowledge of oils and share the wealth that I decided to sign up as a member. To sign up/order, click here and make sure the number 16495513 appears in the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. Choose MEMBER and you’re good to go! You’ll be able to select what starter kit you’d like + a free diffuser (I love the dewdrop!) and then add anything else – I would recommend Thieves laundry detergent and household cleaner. The starter kit comes with 10 great starter oils and then a book that details EVERY SINGLE OIL you could imagine so you can really find what you need! 

Honestly, I’m still navigating the world of oils. I really don’t know much but I want what is best for my family so I am having fun exploring this new world. There is no pressure to sell anything but if you have friends and/or family who are interested too then you may as well give it a try. We can learn together 🙂

Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments! xoxo!