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Coffee with Liz • January 18, 2019

Does Charlie still nap? If not, have you been successful at implementing quiet time in his room in lieu of a nap? My oldest just turned 3, and she is refusing to nap anymore. She also won’t stay in her room for quiet time. I am a SAHM and I live for that tiny break I got in the afternoons while my kids napped. Would love any suggestions you have if you have had a similar issue with Charlie!

Charlie still naps for 2-3 hours a day! Thank the lord. He relies on his naps so much so I truly dread the day that they are no longer party of our days.

I have two nieces turning one in January. What are some great first birthday gift ideas?

Charlie and Jack still love this tube that Charlie got for his first birthday! My kids also love anything music related and this set is such a hit! They could be their own little band!

I’m going on a ski vacation in Colorado with my boyfriend and some of his friends towards the end of February. They’re all super nice, but I’m feeling anxious because they’re all really wealthy and it makes me feel self-conscious. Do you have any advice or recommendations on winter gear that looks more luxe? I’m not trying to compete or compare but want to feel confident so that I can focus less on what to pack and more on enjoying the trip. 🙂

Oh my gosh girl you’re going to be amazing!! But I get what you mean – I love this coat, this leopard coat is kind of so FAB (also comes in black) and this style comes in so many different colors. Cute ski pants here and here

My friends got engaged over the holidays, and I’d like to get them a nice engagement gift. Any suggestions?

I always think Mark and Graham has the best gifts for couples! I especially love these coasters or this pretty cheeseboard! Everyone gets excited about a new monogram when you’re newly engaged. 

You recently posted about a hair oil that you loved for winter flyaways and I didn’t save it! What was it?

This Ouai oil is the best to combat static electricity! I’ll also use Moroccanoil for extra dry ends.

I have four boys, some soon to be graduating from college and starting their careers. Can you suggest ten must-have items for young men starting out? Coat, watch, work bag, belt, shoes, shirts, pants?

Yes! I would say a nice top coat, a sport coat, dark jeans, chinos, a good belt, cashmere sweater, shirts, some quality tees, some sort of dressier shoe (either an oxford or Dave wears his Macalister boots all the time), sneakers and a nice watch. Oh, Dave loves his Barbour coat too!

Your skin is looking so fresh and pretty. What is your current skincare regimen, and have you noticed a change since starting the fasting/diet?

My exact products rotate (you can see my favorites under wellness on my blog!) but at night I cleanse, use a toner, apply a retinol, eye cream and moisturizer or oil. When I wake up I’ll cleanse after working out and then apply a Vitamin C serum and moisturizer. I usually stick to the same type of products but this is the order that I apply! I have pretty much cut out sugar (except for wine – haha) which has probably been a huge help and I also drink at least 100 oz of water a day. Both of these things probably help with a clearer/brighter complexion!

Don’t forget you can use code LIZADAMS for 20% off your purchase from Tula! Order this right now, it’s amazing!! I just got it in the mail and I’ll be bringing it to Mexico. So so good. 

Fellow mama of 2 boys here! They are about the same age as Charlie and Jack. I am looking into childcare options while I am at work, and am having trouble deciding on a sitter at home vs home daycare vs daycare center. Since I know you’ve had daytime sitters before, and have the boys in daycare now, what are the pros and cons in your experience of each option? I’m having such mom guilt about it all!

Ugh I still have mom guilt. Ultimately my decision was based on the fact that the days that I wanted help, I wanted the kids out of the house. Half of the things that I want to get done revolve around me being at home and with the boys home, I’m constantly listening and checking in on them. It was better for me to have them out of sight, out of mind. Plus, the boys LOVE going to “school.” It’s so much fun for them to explore the world and interact with other kids and their teachers love them so so much. We feel so lucky about the situation we have found. I truly don’t have ever cons about it!

I am going to Italy this spring on vacation and need ideas for walking shoes. Looking for neutral, comfy sneakers and flats that I can wear most of my trip. Any guidance is appreciated!

I would go with my favorite sneakers, these comfortable ballet flats (on sale) and either these comfy booties (I’ve heard amazing things about these too!) or my Birkenstocks. I love Superga sneakers, too!

We live in Baltimore and are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in July! My mom offered to watch our (will be) 4 and 1-year old boys for two nights so we could go somewhere to celebrate. I am wanting to visit Chicago but is that too ambitious for only two nights? Or would it be better to save the trip for a longer period of time? Thanks for any insight.

I think a weekend in Chicago is absolutely perfect for an anniversary celebration! This is absolutely my favorite hotel in the city and my Chicago mini city guide or this 24 Hours in Chicago post should be helpful for planning your trip.

Did you work out when pregnant? If so, do you have to change anything that you do? I’ve been doing Orangetheory for 5 months now and I just found out I am pregnant. Help!

I always heard that if you were working out at a specific level before you got pregnant, you can maintain that while you’re pregnant! Just listen to your body. Obviously I would talk to your doctor first. You have to be more cautious the farther along you get – like fewer exercises on your back and modified ab work. Talk to your doctor! 😉

I am going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding at the beginning of March in Washington DC at a winery and need to find a dress. The bride gave a general color scheme and is letting her bridesmaids choose their dresses. I will be about 3 months postpartum and am planning to still be breastfeeding, so I will either be nursing or pumping the day of the wedding. Do you have any suggestions for dresses? The colors are earth tones with blush, dusty rose and green accents.

I would probably do something v-neck just for ease of nursing. I’ve totally been that girl pumping in a bathroom stall in the middle of the reception. I love this pretty option, this dress is a gorgeous silhouette or this plunging v-neck dress (wear with these!). Show off those perky boobs!

I have been searching all season for the perfect medium brown colored leather Chelsea boots. I don’t want them to cut off at the ankle bone, so maybe a 4-inch shaft? Any recommendations?

I know they are a splurge but Rag & Bone makes the best Chelsea boots in my opinion!! This style is super cute too and a STEAL. 

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