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Dave’s Gift Guide: 5 Manly Gifts for Men

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Billy Reid Blazer, Peter Millar Sweater, J.Crew Plaid Scarf (similar here and here), AG Jeans, Sperry Shoes, Shinola Briefcase, Shinola Watch

This handsome hubby of mine is sharing 5 gift ideas that he thinks are necessary essentials that every man needs! I don’t know why but I love shopping for Dave! He never needs anything but always appreciates new things. He rarely spends money on himself but I love when I buy him something and he receives a compliment on that item. It’s an immediate confidence boost which everyone deserves once in awhile. Here are 5 things that Dave swears every guy needs…

A good sport coat. Nothing beats a good looking blazer! My dad always told me to “walk in to the room like you own the place.” When you look good, you feel good and you can walk in the room with confidence.  I don’t wear blazers regularly for work, but when it comes time to dress things up a bit this is my favorite layer. I had been looking for a sport coat that was in-between something dressy and casual and was immediately drawn to this Billy Reid style. It is a knit material making it perfect for winter and I love that it feels more casual . It looks great over my favorite sweaters or even just a basic thermal tee. 

A nice watch. I’m not sure why but I’ve always loved a good watch. It’s the first thing I notice on another man (yes, I have checked out another man). Liz has given me a couple watches over the year, including this Shinola watch which I wear almost daily. 

A briefcase. There is something powerful about a nice briefcase. It kind of makes you feel legit. In all honesty, it is something I never knew I needed until Liz bought me this Shinola briefcase for Christmas last year. It helps complete that handsome, intelligent, working-guy, entrepreneur vibe that I give off. 

A flattering pair of jeans. Truth: I used to buy my jeans at Kohl’s. Then Liz made me drop cash on a pair of AG jeans and I’ve never looked back. A good pair of jeans goes a long way and honestly, my butt has never looked better.

Cool shoes. Boots to be specific. When you live in Chicago, it is required that your shoes keep your feet warm and that you don’t look like a third grader walking to school in the snow. I have two types of shoes in my life: my Merrells (read: my ultimate dad shoes, Liz’s least favorite shoes ever) and my cool shoes. Every year I like to buy 1-2 new boots for winter since they usually get worn to the ground and this year I picked up these and these.

*Let’s note the number of times I said “Liz bought me…”

Thanks Dave! I may buy him a lot of these things but he sure looks good! Another great gift idea would be a cute plaid scarf (like this or this) or one of Dave’s favorite sweaters (also here) that he wears all the time. This outfit is the perfect holiday look to take your guy from the office, to dinner or from church to weekend brunch. 

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